Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Let me start by saying I love humination and I also am very scared to be out in public dressed as a woman. My wife came up with an idea that might serve both to cure me and I might get a little wet in the panties in the process. I have a friend that is out of town this month, and I have been checking on his house some night. That is what I tell him but really I use his house to dress up as a girl. I promised  that I wouldn't do it at home if anyone else was home. My wife is ok with my dressing up at my friends. She also has heard me whining about wanted to go out dressed soo bad, but not getting the courage to go out. She has heard enough and has an idea. She hands me a beige clutch purse as I heading out the door with my bags of stuff to dress up at my fiends.  She tells me not to open it until later when she tells me too. I put it in one of my bags and load up my car. On the way to the house I was so curious what was in the purse, but I did not open it. I pulled up to the house and unload all my bags upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I text her to let her know I was there and if I could open the purse. She said no, and not to text her until I was all done up and picture ready. I was excited what was she up too. I went through my bags and picked out a flower print dress that is a bit short. It falls to about my mid thigh. I hung it up in the bathroom that is next to the bedroom with my stuff in it. I went to work putting on my makeup. I just could get the purse out of my head. I took my time though to make my makeup look good. Why did she ask about being picture ready? She has not seen me dressed up as a girl. I put on my wig, my breast forms, bra, thigh panties that hold everything tucked in, corset, stockings, my high heel sandals and my dress. I was picture ready. I texted my wife and told her I was ready. She called me, and starting asking me questions. Like what I was wearing, and did I think I looked good enough to go out. I told her I didn't think I could go out but I thought I looked good. She talked to me for a little while. It was odd because she usually doesn't ask me about what I do when I dress. Then she cut me off, and said time was up?? I had to choose if I wanted to stay married to her that I had to be true to myself and embrace my girlie side. She told me she called me an Uber, and it was waiting out front. If I want to continue this relationship with her, I needed to get in the car with nothing but the purse she handed my earlier. I did not have any time to think. I did not want to lose what we have, and was very happy. I said ok I will get in the car, but then what. She said once you get in the car you can open the purse, it will be explained in there. I was scared but had no choice. I slowly walked out the front door with nothing but the purse. I left the key in it's hiding spot. I walked out to the car and almost fell. I was so nervous and the 5 inch heels did not help matters. I opened the door and was greeted by a nice man. I sat down in the back seat, and asked him where we were going. He said that I was suppose to read a note in my purse. I opened up the purse and read the note while he waited on me. It said that I was not to talk to the driver, only put on a blindfold and sit back and relax.

I did not have a phone. In the purse condoms, bright red lipstick, a phone number to text photos too.

He drove me to the ally of a street downtown. And gave me another note. It said I had to meet a man and get a photo texted to the phone number and a woman and get the photo texted. I had to find a guy that I could put a condom on and send a photo to the number and give a man a kiss with the bright red lipstick on the cheek and send it.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Girlfriend Time - Makeup

I asked earlier in the week if Madame would help me with my make up. She gladly agreed to help. I woke up early with her the next morning, and set down next to her as she got her face prepped and then started to put on makeup. I asked her questions about what she is was using and the best techniques to apply things. It was fun. That night I asked if she would help me put on my makeup. She sat down next to me and help me through the same steps. At times she would take over and apply shadow my eyes or blush to cheeks. I got wet! it was a blast. I loved out little girls night. Madame calls me her girlfriend now!  :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Woman's Day

I loved this scene in the movie. I can't wait everyday for this day.  It should be Woman's day every day!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Today, I found a whole new group of friends when I learned a new term "SPH" small penis humiliation. I had been one of them and never knew it until BOS tested my will last night. We had just taken a hot steamy shower and shaved each other. I went down on her and got her all hot and wet. Then she switched and start to suck my penis. As she was sucking my I was fucking her with my thumb, getting her warmed up. I layed her out on the bed and tryed to put it in but it was getting soft. I got it in a started to fuck her. She said it is not hard I can feel it. You thumb felt better fucking me. She humiliated me by saying my dick was not as good as my finger. I lost it I get hard enough to get a few good stokes and I felt the cum wanting to rush out. I pulled out and trying to stop it but I shot my load on her in 2 mins flat if that. She was like wtf. I thought you didn't like humiliated small penis talk. It was such a turn on. who would know ;)

Now what is next

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quality Time

Madam has a busy job, and it seems to get busier each year. She entertains my costumers now, and travels to more cities. When she is home the best time for me to show my appreciation for her and to serve her is in the morning as she puts on her makeup for the day. She has a routine of how she puts on her lovely face. It doesn't matter if she is going to the grocery store or on a date. It still takes the same amount of time. Lucky for me it takes about an hour. My time to shine, though some times I don't get to see daylight.

Monday, June 22, 2015

100000 Page View Reward

I just went over the 100000 view mark, and I haven't posted much lately. I plan on posting more maybe make it to seven digit page views. As a bonus to all that have graced this blog. I did the unthinkable and took some new photos with out permission! I will pay for in dearly in hours of house work on my hands and knees. ** giggles ** Thank you all for checking in.