Sunday, December 26, 2010

U-turn Wrong way

We currently have a CB6000, that Madame has me locked up in to keep me from masturbating. She wears the key to cage, showing me she controls my orgasms. Lately Madame has been traveling a lot lately and hasn't had me locked up. Per her wishes though I have not masturbated since I am not in the cage. To me though, I feel like now I am in control of myself not having an orgasm, and I don't like it. I know that Madame has control over me and that means I will not orgasm, but my will is not that strong when it comes to pleasure. If allowed to stray away from Madame's control, over time I am sure I will find a way to pleasure myself but not have a full orgasm uncaged. I do understand that Madame does not have time to play her part, but the longer I feel I'm off her leach the sooner I will fall back into my out bad habits.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Identity crisis

I have been having many identity problems lately. All my personalities have not been getting along. I'm not sure how many I have at the moment but there are more then the usual Gemini two. I feel this crisis, has been an on going issue for a while but has been more developed in the last couple months. 

The Cast:

DLM, is a recent addition. Madame came up with the name "Dickless Maid". DLM is Madame's personal slave maid on her lazy Sundays. The maid is responsible for doing laundry, cooking, washing dishes, dusting, cleaning the house, and vacuuming up pet hair. The most important duties are taking care of Madame's needs; a foot massage, back rub, breakfast in bed, hot bath, or personal sex toy. 

Abagail is my feminine side, and has been around since I can remember. She is very romantic, and loving. An old fashion lady into doing hair, make up, shopping, pleasing their mate, gossiping, cleaning house, cooking. She likes to wear dress no pants, like Modern women, satins, silks, pearls, lace, and leather. She is a bit of a queen too.

 Es is the sub boy.

Sissy likes to be dressed up in the cutest but silliest things.

Husband seems to get mad at doing the maids jobs. I just take out the trash, plumbing, electrical work, working on the the cars and house. Basically the dirty jobs. I also take care of all the personal finances for Madame and I. The wife makes sure I have clean clothes, nice food to eat, and a clean house.

Madame informed me when we started maid Sundays, that I was to do all the maid duties and what ever else she desires for the day, but the rest of the week was to be normal husband and wifey time. Madame has been to busy for me or any of my personalities lately. So, DLM has been keeping up with the laundry, and cleaning house. Abagail has been doing the Christmas shopping. Husband has been maintaining and repairing the house and cars, taking care of the finances, and even taking time to play repairman for Madame's elderly friend, also working full-time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Box

Madame and I had a talk lately, and she busted me. She said " You made me dress in superman outfit for Halloween because you knew I would make you wear the matching girls outfit! And you just wanted to get the wig!!" After Halloween, I started wearing the wig on Sunday as Madame's maid. I wear it with the apron she made me. This talk came up when we were talking about other event. We had a friend's party that was 50's themed, and we decided to go as Marylyn Monroe and Elvis. Of course, I asked to go as Marylyn and Madame picked Elvis because she thought it would be funny. As Marylyn, I needed a white dress with a blond wig, bra, pantyhose, bling pearl and a pair of heels. None of which I had and I was looking forward to expanding my wear for Sundays' pleasing of Madame. Madame shot down me getting high-heels saying " I am the only one that gets to wear heels!" She was very clear on that topic, but didn't really elaborate why? I did end up ordering a dress and some blings. So for the party I opted out of being Marylyn and and settled for something else. During the talk, I reminded her that I stopped dressing in girls things and donated everything when we started dating, and I "closed" the box. She wanted nothing to do with me being girlie in the beginning, and I wanted her more than anything, so I chose. I am very happy with my choice because I wouldn't have such an amazing Madame if I didn't. Many years later, Madame bought me a pair of panties when we were out shopping and had me wear them for her one day. My heart jumped up and down and she had me smiling from ear to ear. After that, I felt that she had "re-opened" the box. But when I brought this up to her, Madame was very clear that the box is only "cracked" and it is not "opened".
This concept is a bit of a struggle for me, but with Madame's control over my limits and wardrobe, I'll behave. I will just follow Madame's lead and try not to Top-from-the-Bottom anymore. I know that the only way I will be able to enjoy anything anymore, is if Madame calls the shoots. If I were to wear girly things again without her telling me to or not being there, I wouldn't really enjoy it. I would feel empty, but under Madame's reign over me in girly things I would be full and happy. The fact that Madame has cracked the box back open was a surprise to me, I am not sure if she did it under frustration of my girlie side, or being happily in love and want to spicy things up using my girlie side. We'll see..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sunday morning, we had plans to go to a tattoo fest that was in town for the weekend. I heard Madame's alarm go off, and her silence it fast. It woke me up, and I can't fall back a sleep when her alarm goes off. I don't know why? I think, that I feel it is my duty to stay awake to insure Madame gets up. If she wakes up late, she is not happy, and that makes me unhappy and feel responsible.
After waiting a bit of time, I tried to wake Madame. She tossed me aside with a grumble, and said " I'm still sleepy" I knew I wasn't going to win, and that there would be no tattoo fest today. I laid in bed with Madame day dreaming about all the fun things we could do during our holiday vacation, well things she could do to me ;) She finally arose sometime after 12, with a hunger in her belly. We agreed that we were not going to go the tattoo event, and I offered to make Madame breakfast in bed. That seemed to brighten her up, skipping the event for a lazy day in bed with me serving her needs. I went and got dressed in my uniform of the day; wig, black maids outfit, apron (made by Madame), black fishnet garter belt, black fishnet stockings, and house slippers. Then I put on my cage and lubed my butt bejeweled plug, and presented them to Madame. She locked my cage, with my "Serves and Obeys Wife" tag, and plunged the butt plug deep in my ass.
For the rest of the afternoon, I cooked and cleaned the house. When I served breakfast to Madame I bumped into her with the tray and spilled her milk. I was very sorry, and cleaned it up right away.

After a hard days work of please my goddess. I offered to run her a bath. She got in and instructed me to join her. I have neglected my duty of keeping her clean shaved, which I'm always glad to stare at the one thing I desire most and even make it look more ripe for the picking. It was one of my best jobs to date, and finished it off with some worship kisses and licks. Madame was please enough to return the favor of flipping me on my back, spreading my legs wide and turning me back into looking like silly boy. After she was done, she started poking my hole with the end of the razor, I moaned. She said" Say you don't like it" I replied as she continued to poke " I don't like it." Then she started to slap and flick my balls and penis. She said" Say you like it." I replied again as she flicked me " I like it" This continued until I was retrained to not like being poked and to like being flicked. Madame is so smart, I love that she messes with my head, showing her control over me.

After the bath, it was back to the bedroom. Madame was feeling in the mood and instructed me to dress her. With out hesitation I went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a leather waist corset, black garter belt, and fishnets. From her shoe closet I picked out a pair of black pumps with metal heels. Oh I would love for her to slide that heel in my cock or trample me with it.

After dressing her, which she looked amazing by the way, she said" get my cock and put it on me!" Wow, what was I in for? I got the strap-on harness with my cloned cock in it and put it on her. She still looked amazing and dangerous.

I laid on the floor  butt up and Madame started poking me with her heels. "Say you like it" she said. " I like it" She squished my balls and penis under her shoe, "Say you like it!" " I like it" Then she walked up and down my back in her heels, it felt great to be under her foot. Again "Say you like it" , " I like it"  I was being used as her personal carpet but I did feel like I, liked it. Madame's training as I worship her seems to be working.

 Madame grabbed the bottle of lube, and started to coat her cock with it. She told me to get on all fours on the floor and hunch down. I was in position waiting for what was next for Madame's pleasure. She knelt behind me and placed her cock at my entrance. "Say you don't like it" , " I don't like it" As she slid inside me, I let out a low moan. She slapped my behind, and started trusting in me. "Say you don't like it!" , "I don't like it" I said with as much as a clear voice as I could muster.

She reached around and felt my penis getting hard. "Say you don't like it" " I don't like it" though it felt very good. To good to be exact, I drolled and squeezed out a hand full of cum in Madame's hand that was touching my cock. She stopped and showed me her hand covered in my mess. " What is this?" ,"What is this?' she said. I was doomed for sure, staring at it in her hand. "Time to clean up" and I did. Madame said "We'll talk later about what you did later" What else did she have in mind, something else not to like I was guessing.
Madame layed back on the bed with her heels touching the floor next to me. She lifted the tip of her cock up and said " Please me!" Without a thought, on her command, I rose up and started to suck on her cock. I was mindlessly under her control to the point I didn't even occur to until later where she had just had her cock in my dirty hole.

Lucky for me though, I had used the bathroom and washed it out prior to getting in the bath with Madame. I'm sure she knew this though, and was testing me to see if I would think about it after she commanded it. My actions made Madame pleased, and she instructed me to stop pleasing her, go wash my face and mouth throughly. When I returned, Madame had me remove the strap-on harness and continue pleasing her pussy, which was dripping wet at this point. I aim to please Madame and had her cumming on my face in no time at all.   
Thank you, Madame for expressing your love and control over me, your willing a loyal worshiper.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doctor's Visit

It was Tuesday afternoon and I needed to get off early for a doctor's visit. I was so terrified when I realized that an hour before my visit with my new doctor, that I still had my chastity cage on! Sometimes I forget it is there.
I texted Madame in a panic, I needed to get this off before my appointment. She texted back " To bad" I didn't remind her in the morning, that she need to remove it, so it was my fault. She said " If she ask you to pull down your pants to check your balls and make you cough, you do it!" " You like being embarrassed " she said.
 I was thinking about rescheduling, but knew that I would be in bad trouble at home. I sat in the waiting room imagining the things that could happen. Soon I was called back to the exam room. The doctor came in and she was a very nice lady. She asked some health history questions, listened to my heart, and lungs. Then we were done!
 When it was all over , and as I was leaving. I thought maybe I should of made up some reason to pull down my pants to get caught, but things are always a better idea in you fantasies then in REALITY.

Betty Sunday

Sunday we were still in a turkey coma from eating for three days straight, and we ended up sleeping until about noon. We resorted back to the normal vanilla routine, of Madame cleaning the house and doing the laundry. I worked in the yard and on the cars for most of the afternoon. Nearing dinner time, I came in to shower and clean up, Madame joined me.
After getting out of the shower Madame informed me that I was delinquent in my duties, and I was to please her. She layed on the bed and I massaged her feet. Madame told me to put on my apron, and to pick out something for her to wear. I went to her closet and opened up her dresser drawer that has some of her lingerie in it. Going through it I noticed there were alot of things I forgot she had. I picked out a leopard print merry widow, black satin gloves, black fishnet stockings, black satin high heels, and a black boa to top it off. When returned Madame giggled at my choices, then told me to dress her. After finishing dressing her, I stepped back and she looked amazing. Madame looking like a pin up girl, like Betty page.
She saw the twinkle in my eye, and to me to please her. I did proudly. I warmed her up slowly with kisses, and then increased my coveting of her clit with my tongue, till she pulsed in orgasmic delight. We cuddled on the bed after, and Madame asked me if I had been masturbating lately, since I had not been wearing the cage. I confessed that I couldn't remember the last time that I masturbated, before I meet Madame I did it every day. Since Madame has caged me and forced me to submit to her control over my orgasms, I can't remember the last time that I did it. I know when I do how much it displeases Madame. Madame was happy, and told me I could enter inside her. After poking inside she said" So I control your orgasm and you now right?" I said "Yes" She then put her hands around my butt and started to pull me closer and away from her. Then she said" I want you to get small" I thought to myself you "What??" This feels so good, and I haven't cum in soo long, and I'm suppose to get smaller. This was a totally mind fuck. I continued to fuck Madame as she continued to tell me to get smaller. I had to stop many times because I felt like I was going to cum. She would tell me " don't stop keep going but get smaller" I continued until Madame could tell I couldn't hold my orgasm off any longer and I was defiantly wasn't getting any smaller, she told me to pull out, and please her. Round two actually went by very fast, Madame was very turned on. She orgasmed in a matter of minutes. We cleaned up and then it was her turn to eat dinner.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home Dungeon

This was so funny I had to post it, I remember the good old time Madame and I had in our old house with the sex dungeon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dickless Maid

Madame and I woke up late Sunday morning. Madame made it out of bed before me because she had a big project to work on for work that had to be done by Monday. I got out of bed a little grumpy as I do most days. Madame was very displeased with my mood. She told me to leave her alone. I felt bad that I had displeased Madame I went to my room and changed into my uniform for the day. On Sunday's I am the house maid, I cook, clean, and carry out any other task Madame has for me.

Last week Madame gave me the name " Dickless Maid." I was happy with name, because I want Madame not to see me as her husband but her sissy maid. I decided to pull my wig cap over my face and write "Dickless Maid" on the front of it. This would help Madame to not recognize me as her man, but maid. I found Madame's Man boob bra that she does not wear, because it doesn't give her a good look, and put it on. Then put on my black catsuit suit that covers my whole body but my head. My body took on a different look, getting further away from being recognizable as my everyday self. My belly still showed a little though through the suit, nothing a corset wouldn't cure.
I put on my wig and the maids apron that Madame made me. The last piece of the outfit was my pink dish washing gloves we pick up stopping this week. I almost forgot about the dickless part, I went to the bathroom and got out the baby oil. I cleaned the cage and my cock was getting hard. I forced it into the cage and placed the lock and tag " Serves and obeys wife" in place. I cleaned my butt plug and placed it on my serving tray with lube, and my bell. Then I put on my house slippers and headed down stairs with my serving tray.

I presented Madame with the key to the lock to the cage, the butt plug with lube, and her servant's bell. She was a bit shocked to see my face covered with the wig cap and "Dickless  Maid" written on it. She laughed and ordered me to bend over. She lubed up the jeweled butt plug and slide it into place. It was cold but felt good inside. She took her bell, and continued with her work. She said that she was hungry and for me to cook for her. I made her a late breakfast meal, her favorite, but I cooked the biscuits a min to long. Madame told me to get her whip. I returned with the whip and she smack me on the butt many time for burning her biscuits. She noticed I had little boobs, and asked what I was wearing. I told her that it was her man boob bra. She said " You can keep it, I don't wear it anyways" but she whipped me for wearing it. My butt was burning but I said " Thank you" after she was done. She ate her food and I cleaned up. During the day Madame would ring her bell, and I would stop cleaning and come running. She would have a task for me and if I did not do it well she would whip me.

It was getting late in the afternoon and I knew Madame would be getting hungry. So I made some dinner for us to eat. Madame was hungry by the time I was done cooking and she allowed me to eat with her. After we finished dinner Madame ordered me to massage her feet, as she chatted with her parents. She told me that later I would give her a happy ending, maybe more then one. I gave her a foot massage for half an hour.

After Madame was done chatting we need to return some rented movies before we got charged an extra day. I was still in my uniform, Madame asked if I wanted to return the movies like I was. I declined her offer, though it was tempting to have her embarrass me like that. I told her " I don't have any shoes" She said " If that is all that is holding you back, we'll get you some, and then you have to do it!" Me and my big mouth. The good thing is Madame is forgetful.

Madame went and returned the movies and came back. When she returned, she lead me up stairs and told me it was time for her happy ending. I was happy to be of service. I kiss and licked her into a leg twitching orgasm, as she came on my face.

She told me not to clean it up and asked if the "Dickless Maid" would like to have an orgasm. I gladly accepted the offer thinking I would get to have sex with her. She told me to go her hitachi massage. I returned with it and she plugged it in, put it in my panites, and turned it on. She layed  back on the bed and told me to make her cum again.

It was had to concentrate in the beginning with the bussing in my panty. As it started to feel good, my tongue was going crazy. Madame said that she wanted us to cum together, simultaneous dickless orgasm. It felt great, I was getting close but far away. Madame was getting close to, I could tell from her body moving around as I serviced her. Then she had an orgasm, and I failed to follow along. After she recovered, she asked if the massager felt good. I said " Yes" The massager moved around alot as I serviced her and it wasn't hitting the right spots. She took it and placed it right on the top of my cage and pressed down. It feel amazing and she found the spot. Madame didn't think it was possible to orgasm inside the cage. Well I proved her wrong, after a few minutes on that spot, and her telling me how she enjoyed me being her "Dickless Maid". I came violently inside the cage. Madame was impressed and had me clean up the mess. Then we went to bed.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Beating Part 2

It is Halloween weekend this week. Madame and I went out and pick out costumes last night at a local Halloween store. Before going to the store Madame said she wanted to be Superman, though she has never seen an of the movies or cartoon. I don't know where she got the idea from. (refer back to Chastity in Reverse)
Anyways we found the outfit at the store, but she didn't want to try it. I talked her into trying it on, she looked funny but very cute. She was not that happy, I guess the idea seemed better in her head.

I told her we'll get the outfit. She said if I'm going to be Superman you are going to be Wonder woman. I laughed, I didn't think Madame was being for real. She doesn't like the idea of seeing me dressed as a women, specially around people we know. She was serious, she picked out a outfit, two actually and had me try them on. It was embarrassing and a bit fun. One of the sales girl was like I have to see this you have to model it for us. The trouble she would get me in..
 Anyways. the first outfit was to small, I'm big and tall and this was for petite girls. The second one fit well, and Madame said that is what you are going to were. We are going out a bunch of people we know, oh well it's Halloween any thing goes right.
   We got home and Madame had me try it on with a bra and panty underneath, with a wig on. She didn't like the bra, she said " You look scary" I don't know if that meant, I look like a scary girl or if scares her to see me as a girl? That was Thursday night, now on to Friday

Friday was costume day at Madame's work, and I talked her into wearing the costume for her day at work. Madame texted me shortly after getting to work, saying " People are laughing at me!" She was not very happy, but I was enjoying it. Lets just call it karma.
I knew Madame did not have a good day so I perpared another list of claims for her to read to me in the dungeon when she returned home. It read as follows:

                                                               Charges Part 2
You failed to please Madame in many ways this week, this a list of the infractions that you will correct or face more severe future punishments. You shall get spanking for every infraction and more if I feel like it.

1.Making me try on the Superman outfit
2.Making me wear Superman to work
3.Not admitting that you will like being Wonder Woman
4.Letting my pussy get super hairy
5.Not sharing the bathroom with me
6.Making me sleep in the Pink boy's room ( you should be in there!)
7.Being lazy this morning, not making lunchs.
8.Going to Mall with out me.
9.Not being a good maid
10.For getting mad at me when I asked you not to ( knowing you would)
11.Making fun of me because I don't do making you feel better well.
12.Not having sex with me after I told you about my secret
13.Being to nice to me, though you are suppose to be mad at me.
14.Not telling me your 20 dollars
15.Made me miss Nikita
16. Pointing out my tricks of trying to turn thing on to you
17.Not letting me get away with lying
18.Not wearing the cage
19.Not asking to wear the cage
20.Not saying I love you to me

Some more then other she spanked me soooo hard for I almost screamed, so she wasn't so hard, but by the end my ass was ON FIRE!. I made up this list for Madame to help us end the week and start our weekend together. It is the only way I have found the gets rid of Madame's stress and is fun for both of us.
 After being spanked Madame thought about treating by playing with my butt. She spread my cheeks, lubed up a toy and started to play with my prostate. It felt good but was not getting the excitement she wanted to see out of me. She then grabbed the pair of nipple clamps and placed them on my nipples. That was starting to work. She took the toy out and had me bend over the bench. She clipped the nipple clamp on to a hook on the bench. Madame slide her strap-on harness that still had my cloned cock it from the last time we played. ( See older Post)
She lubed up my cock and slide it in a bit. I could see it all in the mirror, " Me getting fucked with my own cock!"

She could only get it in a little pasted the head, it made feel as though I had a small dick. I hope Madame does not feel this way when I get to enter her. She started to fuck me more and reached around to grab my shaft. Then this stream of cum just poured out of me, no orgasm. She stopped and asked" Did you come, because your not suppose to!". I told her " I did not orgasm" She saw the huge puddle on the floor, more cum then I have even seen me produce. Madame smacked me on the butt some more and then said" Clean it up!" I did.
 I wonder if Madame is going to be the only one getting to do the fucking from now on?


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wet Dream

Madame and I are in two different states this weekend visiting friends. This is my 10th day of being locked up with no idea when I will be able to have sex with Madame again. When I go this long, my balls are quiet full, and I tend to drip during the day.
It is about 5 am Sunday morning now, I was awaken by a overwhelming urge that I was orgasming in the cage due to a dream. In the dream I was in the cage too, but cumming due to the scene I was in. As I woke to the pulsing pressure in my groin, I felt in disbelief that I could of had a wet dream. I haven't had one since my teenage years. I just layed in bed debating to check my panties to see how dirty I made them. I was feeling gility and worried about how I was going to explain my orgasm with my cage on. I have read stories of guys orgasming in her cage without touching, just due to pure excitement, also by getting fuck in there pussys.
I turned on the light and pulled down my underwear, they were still dry for the most part. I did not orgasm, it felt like I did, and I am in desperate need of one, but I will just have to wait until Madame releifies me. I am worried though that if we continue to go longer and longer, making me more horny and full, that the next sex dream will result in cum fill panties.

Has anyone had or heard of being caged and having wet dreams?
Well I'm heading back to bed, hopefully to get another hour of sleep.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Theme Party

Every year we go to the biggest and best charity party in town. They have performers, singers, dancers, and of course Drag queens, it is not a party with out them. The ticket price isn't to bad, but we usaully spend a couple hundred dollars on costumes. We also make our own costumes, because the worst thing is going to a theme party and finding someone wearing the same thing as you. The theme this year was heaven and hell.
 The greatest pick yet, that meant skimpy good and evil costumes. We choose evil, come on could you see us wearing halos! Maybe with horns.
I was to be werewolf from of Hell, and Madame was to be the devil. I spent weeks on my costume, the best part about it was I ordered a cat suit in black to use as my base for the costume. It has a detachable hood, the hands have fingers, and the crotch has a female zipper ;) I love it. The rest was alot of other pieces mainly finally put together the week of the party, same with Madame. We are procrastinators.  Well got ready the day of the party at our house, and then left for the party after a couple drinks. Everyone looks great!
As soon as we walked in Madame and I stood out. I was huge and she was looking hott. I could barely see threw little slits in my dog mask, so Madame had a collar on my with a leach to pull me around. I was to be her pet for the night, I felt so owned it was nice! We would make it a couple feet and someone would want a photo with us, it was crazy.
We headed straight for the bar, got some drinks and ended up in more pictures. Madame started handing every girl or guy my leach that wanted to have a picture taken with me. Soon enough I was the party pet, ;(
I got passed around all night. It was a fun night though, towards the I got time to dance some, in between photo ops. Madame said she had fun, so I was happy. Next year, I'm going for as close to naked as I can get way with. ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Madame talked about she needed a bell to ring since I'm the maid now.
Also she won't let me put the cage on after she leaves int he morning now. ;(

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Messing With me

Thursday night 10/14/10

Madame has messed with me from the beginning of us being together. She favorite question use to be why do people cheat, and would I ever cheat on her, or what would I do if she did. THe questions she would ask seemed a bit scarey over time, because some things started coming true. When we fist meet, I was a crossdresser, and bisexual, but both of those outlets disappeared when we became more serious.

Well last night, we were in bed talking and Madame said would it be ok if she did sucked on someone else. I asked her what she meant and she said what if she wanted some chocolate? I said is that what you want?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Maid my Day

Sunday was a day for much need day to rest, well for Madame. Madame and I got up early and she went to the bathroom to get ready. I headed to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. I started with cinnom sugar muffins, and then I was going to make eggs and bacon. Madame came down to the smell of the muffins, and said " I'm not really hungry" That ended my cooking buzz I was on. I had been dieing to show Madame my gift I got her. It was a pet tag for my cage. I had been wearing it all weekend and it made sounds some time when I walkd. It sounds like a pet tag on collar cling- cling. I was hoping Madame would notice but she didn't. I asked Madame if she would get the key to the cage that she was not wearing on her necklace, and come back to the kitchen. I opened the labtop and logged in to our blog. Madame promised to add a post sometime, I thought this would be a good story for her to post.
Madame returned with the key, and I asked her to sit at the table. I said " I have gift for you" I started to jump up and down, making the tag cling against my lock. She noticed!
She said " what is that?" I pulled down my underwear to reviel my pet tag " OBEYS AND SERVES WIFE." Madame was surprised but seemed to like her gift. I then asked her to please make a post of the gift. She posted to the blog, please leave comments for Madame!

I also informed madame I got the extra lacing that she needed to finish my apron. She took the hint and went outside to enjoy the night day and finish my apron. I started to do laundry and wash dishes, as Madame worked. As I came back upstairs from laundry, she had finished it. The apron is very nice, black with white and pink hearts lacing around it. She said" Put it on" I stripped down right there in the kitchen, put it on, and tied it the back. Madame seemed happy with the fit, and as did I. It was barely long enough to cover the cage. Madame told me to go put something on under it. I raided her panty drawer, and came back with two choices. Two fuffled panites one all black and the other with pink tirm. She picked the pink. She got of the computer and I feed her. She was loving it, being served as she did as she please.
After she was finished eating, she had me finish the rest. It was full of hot sause which madame loves but I can not handle. She watched amased as I finished the rest.

Then she wanted to take a bath,  I started adding water to the tub, lite candles and put on some classical music. She did not care for the music. She liked the bath, but afterwards was tried and layed down. She compained that she had be very wet lately. So I went down on her, made her orgasm . I was very wet in my panties too, since I put them on, but I did not ask for anything in return. Madame settled in to covers happy and ready to nap. I brought her up some water on a serving tray. She asked why I was letting her get away with being lazy, I said cause your letting me be who I am, so I'm letting you be who you are. She napped while I continued clean the house. Then I woke her up and she gave me a bag and half enema. After that I gave her one, and we showered and went to bed. Where she started to play with me. She is leaving Monday till Thursday for a business trip. Madame said "maybe I should let you cum tonight or make you wait till I return." I was just happy with Madame playing with me, but I wanted to cum. As she teased my cock, she said " should I lock you back in the cage?" I said "yes" but she continued to tease me. She mounted me and started to ride me. Madame said " if you cum inside me your going to have to clean me up!" That is when I lost it and filled her pussy full. It was to full actually as soon as I pulled out it got all over the bed. I had to change the sheets and clean up Madame. My orgasm produced a lot of sperm but I did not have much of a climax. Still worried about my junk.

Thank you Madame for a wonderful day, for letting me be myself, finishing my apron, and allowing me to orgasm. I love you xoxo

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Es got a tag that says "OBEYS AND SERVES WIFE" for his chastity belt. Love it. Now, get back to work and serve me ;-)

Madam Em

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bath Time

Last night at the end of two long days for Madame and I, she drew a bath and I joined her. We have been to busy lately for fun, pleasure or shaving each other. We were both getting pretty hairy. Madame and I usually shave each other once week in the bath. It is a much looked forward to event on my end.
Madame got comfortable and I shaved her smooth and clean, one of my best jobs. Just staring at that beautiful sites as the shaving foam disappeared around it made my hunger grow in my cage for it. I wanted to lick it and taste it soo bad. After I was finished and washed it clean, I warmed up madame juice box with my tongue, tickling her a bit. Madame made me stop and told me it was my turn.
 I end up in a different position then Madame when I get shaved. I'm on my back with my legs high in the air, if I was flexible I'm sure she would have me look more like a pretzel when she shaves me. She went quick to work shaving my penis and balls. After that she flipped me up a bit more and shaved my buttgina she calls it. After she finished getting all the hair off, she poked me with the end of razor. I reacted with deep moans of pleasure with her little pokes. Madame could tell my balls were swollen and were in need of some relief. She shoved her finger inside and start to massage my prostate, and stroke me. I was in heaven at this point, but Madame would stop when she thought I was getting close. She is getting better at this. One finger was not getting the rise out of my she wanted, so she went for two. That did it, with in a minute I was on the verge of orgasm, she stopped and milked my lost orgasm out on to the shower floor. I was not horny any more but I did not feel the pleasure I get from an orgasm.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Junk

I have been worried that there is something going wrong with the family jewels. I had a sperm count a month ago and they said 92% of them had deformed heads. The doctor said you usually can't tell from just one test, the next one they might be 90 % normal. I love science!!
I'm proud of my very large balls, their about the size of two eggs. They are a little to big at times and do get in the way. Even though they are big, they don't seem to produce much fluid any more. I have been locked in chastity for about 3 years now. My number of orgasms have been growing smaller by the year. Also my orgasms have become weaker. I wonder if it's Madame plan for my junk to turn rotten, due to she never wants to have to have children. She once talked about cutting them off and flying them up, just cause she was curious what they might taste like.

I'm still very attached to my junk and want them to work, maybe even produce an aire. I have been begging Madame lately to start to milking me on a regular basis, to clean out the pipes.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lazy Day

Sundays are typically lazy day for Madame and I, she is the one that usually mandates it. We sleep in and never make it out of the house before noon.
Madame cute black and pink lace bra lay at the end of the bed. She wore it to bed in hopes of having sex before falling asleep, but as soon as we started to watch some porn to get in the mood, she fell a sleep. I put her bra back in her closet and then I went to my dresser. I was running low on boxers, so I just wore my panties. I only have one pair they are my favorite color yellow. I when down stairs and made breakfast for us. Biscuits and gravy Madame's favorite. I called to Madame that it was ready and she ventured out of bed down to the kitchen. After finishing eating Madame wanted to take a shower. I followed her up to the bathroom and got in the shower. I was still horny from last night , and wanted the pleasure of washing her body. She denied me. Madame could tell that I was looking forward to last night.
She got out first and heard her go to her closet, then the bedroom door close. I knew she was up to something, and I could wait to she what she would be wearing. After a few minutes I got out, dried off and opened the bedroom door. Madame was laying on the bed wearing pink and black teddy, matching panties, fishnet stockings, and black peep toe pumps. She looked gorgeous, and sexy.
 I knelt down next to the bed and started to kiss her from her heels to her head. My cock was straining looking at the view. I was kissing her and rubbing the the tip of my tool against her panties. Madame said" Your making a mess, clean it up" There was a pool of pre-cum on her panites, I crawled down between her legs and licked it clean. After cleaning them, I took them off, and proceeded to make my face messy in Madame's sweet pussy. As she was getting close, she wanted me to fuck her to finish her off. I slide it inside and got a couple good trust in before Madame melted in to orgasm.
I pulled out and continued to kiss her from her head to her heels and back. She was on a cloud, but coming down. She spread her legs and welcomed me back inside her. Madame keep saying "don't cum, don't cum", which made me want to cum even worse. I couldn't hold it after the fifth "don't cum", I came. It was small like a BB gun, not big like a canon like they use to be. I think wearing the cage and only having an orgasm couple times a month maybe is making me under perform.
I stopped and pulled out in shame that I couldn't hold it in. Madame said " did you cum?" I said he with my head down. She said " oh, I think your coming out" I moved down between her legs and started to lick up my desert coming out.
After cleaning Madame up, I undressed her and we went back to our Sunday. Madame went to the bathroom to put on her makeup and I went back to the kitchen to clean up. Madame was done with her makeup and went to lay on the bed in her blue satin night gown. She complained her back hurt. Again I start to kiss her, and rub her back. I end up massaging her clit, making her forget about her back. Soon I was feeling that she was getting close again, and though she would want me to fuck her to finish again. I entered her soft and slow. Then adding some speed to my hump, I felt myself getting close. Again Madame said " Don't cum" That is all it took, I came inside again. Also it was small. Madame was disappointed, and demanded I finish her too. I starting kissing and licking her, but I wasn't the same man as before cumming. Madame noticed too and said " Your being lazy!" She was done with me and clean herself up.
After letting me cum twice in one day Madame said "I deserve to be lazy, after letting to cum twice" What every Madame wanted or didn't want to do for the rest of the day in panties of course. I appeased her needs with no objections! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Date Night

Madame hinted that she had something planned for after work. Madame has been working on adding more romance to evenings. It turned out what she had in mind was date night. Not the date night you think most married people talk about taking, well kinda it was the movie " Date Night". I was pleased with her choice of movie, I love chick-flicks, Madame loves action. We're special refer to my previous post.
We popped in the movie and cover up on the couch together. The movie was sweet, funny, and had a great story. I gave it an "A", madame gave it a "D".
After the movie was were the climax really was. ;) 
Madame and I headed up stairs after the movie, to bed. She wore her normal blahh pj, I was wearing my lite blue BEBE boy shorts. Their so comfortable, I stolen them from Madame's closet one day cause she stole mine first and refused to give them back. 

We start to kiss, Madame mentioned that she was not wet yet. Instantly I was between her legs turning her in to a wet and sloppy mess. Just the way I like her to be. My face was covered in all of her lovely juices. I brought her closer and closer to orgasm making sure the orgasm would be like a rocket to the moon. She came hard and I licked up her drippings. After that she got on top of me riding me hard and fast. I told Madame I was close to cumming. I requested that she make clean up my mess after I fill up her tight tunnel with cum. I warned her that after I orgasm I will lose my desire to carry that out, and she will have to encourage me to complete the task. Madame said she would and I came right then and there. 

 She most of lost her nerve to because she didn't have me do it, and just left to clean herself up. After that we cuddled and kissed each other good night. 
 Sweet cream-pie dreams ;) 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

nipple clamps

I just finished a big project at work and I wanted to celebrate. Madame was not in the mood, she was in the mood for watching a movie. She asked me how I wanted to celebrate, I mentioned that we could go down to the dungeon and have some fun. Madame said "go a head, I'm watching a movie". There is nothing fun about the dungeon by myself, but I did go down and grab a pair of nipple clamps. I put them on my nipples and put my shirt back on and headed up stairs to start the movie with Madame.
 Madame and I watched the movie for about an hour and she did not notice me wearing the clamps. I went to the kitchen to removed the clamps. I thought I could make the whole movie. That was going to be my way of celebrating, but I couldn't do it. My nipples were numb with pain.
I return with a drink for Madame and sat back on the couch next to her. After 15 minutes the pain was gone, I went back and put the clamps back on determined to finish the movie. This time the pain was worse then before because I rotated the clamps 90 degrees. It was getting close to the end of the movie, but I couldn't take it anymore I needed a break. I removed the clamps under my shirt and placed them on the table in front of us on the couch. Madame said " What is that? Did you have those on the whole time?" I said "yes"
 She said "put them back on!"

I did my nipples were screaming at this point. I tried to cover them back up with my shirt, but Madame told me to take it off. She grabbed the chain and started to tug on it while we watched. I was watching my nipples pull away from my chest instead of watching the movie. Madame yanked the chain pulling the clamps off my nipples, as she said" Watch the movie"
 I feel to the floor in pain that I have never felt before. Madame told me to get back on the couch and finsih watching the movie with her. I was almost crying at this point, as she handed me the clamps and instructed me to put them back on. Again she start to tug on them, luckily the movie ended. Unluckily Madame ended the movie with once again ripping the clamps off. I couldn't talk I was is so much pain, but I managed to say " Thank you" to Madame.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boys Room

We have a guest room in our house that had a very out dated paint job on the walls. Madame and I have always wanted to repaint it. This weekend we did. Madame picked the color "Pretty in Pink". This room looks great and very pink. Madame said" If someone came in this room, they would think it was girls room. Why does pink have to be a girls color, why can't it be a boys color. Boys look good in Pink too. So she said "That is a boy's room!"
I wonder if Madame meant this "Pretty in Pink" is now the "sissyboy's" room. We'll see, as for Chastity in Reverse, it is still stuck in Neutral.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chasitity In Reverse

Madame and I enjoyed our honeymoon get away last week, but it was lacking in the passion and romance department. I posted early we got to have some good old fashion fun, which was true. I did get to enter the holy land, but after giving Madame a blow-job pre say. As she laid down on the bed naked after a shower. Madame demanded "lick me". She wasn't going for lasting enjoyable fellatio, she just wanted to orgasm, quick and dirty style.
This current state of sex play has got me worried. When I meet Madame, she seemed more like one of the boys. She would start out her weekend at Hooters, and end up at the strip club. Openly Madame will tell people " I have a penis in her inside". This is a little disheartening and embarrassing to have your hot and sexy wife profess to the world her penis inside. I'm sure many look at me and wonder, so what does that make you.
This combination may sound odd, it is but it works in it's weird ways. I also have a vagina inside, but I do not advertise this fact in public. Madame tends to be more of the lazy type, beer and remote in hand dude, and I more of the housewife with a passion of maintain the home.
So enough with the background rant on Madame and I. I just wanted to give you enough information to understand why I want to use chastity in reverse. Meaning I propose to  have Madame remove the cage only after she has romanced me to my satisfaction. This came about last night after Madame approached in the bathroom before bed. " You want to have sex?"
 Flattered of course, I confessed my feelings of the lack of romance and the feeling that she was looking for a blow job. She understood my desire to re-ignite the fire in love making, and agreed that I could remove the cage after I felt romanced. Though the cage will be staying on the rest of the days to curb my urge to masturbate. Madame went to changed for bed and returned in the sexy night gown I got her. I was very happy, this looks like it will be a idea. To be continued.... Male Chastity & Orgasm Denial

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to My Place

We returned back from our vacation over the weekend. I got to enjoy the whole trip uncaged. Also I got to have some good old fashion fun with Madame. I was reluctant to start the week, but I started my day as I normally do. Went downstairs and prepared Madame's lunch and breakfast. Madame was in a good mood this morning, and we even ready early. I was curious to what was up, then I saw the baby oil in her purse as she came in the kitchen. She was going to lock me back up!

I have not masturbated uncaged since Madame released me a couple weeks ago. I felt I could hold out a bit longer, but Madame knows me better then that. She knows when I 'm stressed I masturbate, and I was stressed to start back to work. If she didn't lock me up I would be looking at porn now, and taking my faith of my future punishment in my own hand.
I put my CB-6000 on and assumed my role of being sexually frustrated and catering to my wife to relieve my stress when she is pleased. She kissed me good bye and had a huge smile on her face. Madame when back to work wearing her key proudly around her neck, knowing that I was not going to jerking off.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 5 of Vacation Opps

Madame was not feeling well from some food we ate. She wanted me to give her an enema, we bring our enema bag everywhere. I wanted one too, but but we were pressed for time. I lubed her up and slide in the tube. I started the flow out slow, she fills up quick. It took her two washes before she felt better. This is the only time I get to play with Madame's back door, so I enjoyed it.

After we cleaned up, we left the bag hanging in the shower, not think anything of it. We left and came back later in the day. We noticed the maid had cleaned the room, made the bed, gave us fresh towels, and cleaned the bathroom, managing not to disturber our enema bag hanging up! Madame was so embarrassed, that the maid saw it, but we got a good laugh out of it.
 Any one work in the hotel housekeeping and have any good stories? Please leave comments

Monday, August 30, 2010

Vaction Day Two

Paradise is nice, but the weather could of been better for us. Damn hurricane season.
When we arrived at our little hotel hidden away on the island, we were greeted by the hotel cat Din-Din. Din-Din is cute, but part of our vacation was to get away from our cats at home. Oh well by the end of the day he was in our room and Madame was spoiling him with food.
Today we spent the day walking around and laying out on the beach. Madame was happy to work on her tan, I was happy for bikinis, bikinis, ....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Packing for Vaction

Madame and I are finishing up packing for vacation. We are leaving tomorrow for the Caribbean for a week. This we'll be our long awaited honeymoon for me and Madame. This where she picked to go and has been displease with my enthusiasm toward the trip. I am looking forward it and getting away from the stress of our everyday lives. The trip is likely to very vanilla too, a break from our lifestyle.  Madame will not make me walk around the beach like this.
Actually I will be cage free to the whole trip as it stands now. Maybe lots of Newlywed sex !! or maybe just for Madame. There is a tropical storm slated to hit the island shortly after we arrive, so their might be somethings worth posting if we get bored trapped in our room for a few days.

Until then I have my bags packed ready to go. I didn't pack anything fun, like I said we are there to relax.  Madame is almost done, but seems to come up with new things to add to her list as she goes along.
We also got all of our snorkel gear pack. Madame has fins but I pitched my a long time ago, maybe these might work. :O
I will try to post some updates on our trip, and I will also finish a few post I'm behind on.