Monday, July 26, 2010

A bitter end to a wonderful day.

Madame and I got up and go ready to join a friend of hers and his wife for lunch. We made it out the door about 20 minutes late, which is actually a norm for us. We meet them at the Dim sum restaurant, this was the first time she got to meet hims wife. They were both very nice and helped us pick things to order to eat. I ate everything but could not finish my chicken's feet. Madame had much stronger will then I did and finished not one but two of them, though I know she doesn't like them.

After lunch we went shopping, Madames favorite thing to do. When we reached the mall we split up, and went off into different stores. Madame had a bathing suit to return to Victoria's Secret because it didn't fit her well. This was our first stop and an interesting one too. Typically Madame will come in and select a few necessities, pay for them and we leave. We walked around the store and I was distracted by all the cute displays and items they available. I'm sure Madame noticed. At the bathing suit section, she asked me which ones I like, she grabbed the ones we agreed we liked and looked for a room to try them on. I followed her, with a big smile on my face until, the lady that let her in the room told me I had to stay outside. She emerged from the dressing room with one suit in had, the one I mentioned I like the most. My smile was back and was about to get bigger.

She walked threw the store realizing she had a coupon for a bra, and saw this sexy lace set with matching garter belt and ask me if I like it. I was floored, thinking of her in that made me melt. She grabbed her size and we started to look for the free panty that came with the deal. As we walked over to the table with all the different color of panties on them, she ask isn't your favorite color "yellow"

I said " yes"

She said " I'll get a medium then" What was that? Medium is my size, small is hers! (A side) I have had a fascination with women's undergarments since I was little and had a collection before Madame and I meet. She took it as it was not very normal, though she had not quorums wearing boxers around the house. So I donated all of my collection and have not owned any undergarments since. That is how she knew my size.

I was on a cloud the rest of the shopping trip, we didn't buy much else just window shopped. We meet up with her friend and his wife and headed to our cars. We thanked them for the lunch and headed home.

After returning home, Madame said " I need to work out,  you want to go run with me" I said " sure".
 I got naked and noticed that I was leaking cum not a little bit but alot. It has been 25 days since the last time I came on my own willy and had to clean up my mess. I went downstairs to show Madame, she said " got get your yellow panites" I was happy to agree. I got them out of the shopping bag and presented them to her. Madame said " Put them on"
 I did as told and put them on, they seem to fit well and Madame agreed too.
She said " You will run in them"
 I was amazed at Madame's attitude, and was very willing to do anything for her at this point.
We both got dressed in our work out clothes and drove down to the trail by the university. We ran for about 3 and half miles, it was a good work out. I think I got more out of it though, because for parts of the trail Madame jumped on my back and rode me. As we returned to our car, ready to return home, we noticed that someone had keyed our car. This was not a little scratch ether, they dug in the corner of the car. Madame was so sad to see her car in that shape, and the people who did it left no trace behind.
We spent the rest of the evening waiting on the cops, and figuring out how to get things taken care of in the morning.

The bitter in to a sweet sweet day.. Happy Anniversary Madame


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