Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sixty-Nine with myself

Friday morning I woke up and join Madame in the bathroom as she was getting ready. We started to talk about cleaning the house over the weekend, because my parent were showing up Sunday for lunch. She stated that we should take make sure the house is P - rated meaning that there is no evidence of lifestyle. We hide most of our toys and things in the basement in our playroom. Only Madame has the key, it is off limits to me in less she fells like using it. I will post the story of how the room came into existence later. During our chat I confessed to Madame that was very horny the day before and used our Hitachi massager in an attempt to reach an orgasm. It failed, the vibrations felt great threw the chastity cage walls but I think it was my impending guilt that keep me just shy of an orgasm. I requested that she lock the Hitachi up downstairs, to remove any temptation for trying again. She was furious, at my attempt to masturbate. Madame stated that it was her Hitachi, it was to only be used on her or by her. She was also disappointed in me that if she left it out that I might get temped again to use it. She made it clear that I would be disciplined for this infraction later. She sent me off to pack her a lunch and prepare something for her for breakfast. She continued to get ready and devise some sort of punishment for me later tonight. She was running late, she locked away the massager and other things downstairs, grabbed her breakfast and lunch and headed for the door. I followed her to the door like a wounded puppy and kissed her good bye. She rattled the cage, just enough to get me hard, and said " Have a good day, we'll do that thing later!" As I waved to her good bye my mind was wondering as to what lay in store for me in the night to come.

As Madame and I were heading up stairs at the end of a long day, she stated that she was going to jump in the shower and I was invited to join. I immediately agreed to join. Taking a shower together is our cue that something is going to happen after the shower. Madame enjoys the feeling of being clean and cleansed before partaking in anything sexual. I enjoy getting to wash Madame and to feel our soapy bodies brush and rub up against each other. After drying off Madame headed into the bedroom and laid a couple pillows on the bed to prop herself up into her Queening position. As I came into the room I knew I would be indulging in the delight of eating my way to at least one orgasm for her and potently none for me. Madame reminded me that I was to be punished for my lack of self control and devotion to her, by my fail attempt to masturbate. i got down on my knees and started to get her relaxed with soft strokes of my tongue on her pussy.

She started to get very wet., and horny. If I'm lucky at this point she might allow me to insert myself inside her. But no Madame stated that " That this was my punishment and that I was bad" I knew that I displeased her, and that she was craving something inside her. I reminded her of the clone of my willy that we made quite a while ago. She keeps it in her panty drawer, kinda gives me a tingle sometimes to think my willy is covered in panties all day. She agreed that we should get the clone out and even to use it on me as my punishment for trying to masturbate. I went and grabbed my cloned willy out of her panty drawer and and put it in her strap-on harness. I came back into the bedroom and put the harness threw her lags and snugged it up into place. What a sight to see, my beautiful Madame laying there on the bed but having all the family goods on display. She said " Suck your own dick" I complied by getting on my knees next to the bed, and wrapping my lips around my willy. Madame grabbed my head and gave me the royal face fucking treatment of how to suck dick by controlling to pace and depth that it went in, to shoving it all the way down my throat and holding it all completely in, until she could tell I couldn't take any more. I learned I didn't have a gag reflex. After Madame felt I been trained enough to continue on my own she had me straddle her face with my real willy dangling above it. She started to suck on me and I was in heaven. We continued to both suck on my willy in a 69, that I would of never imagined myself in! In no time at all I confessed I was close to cumming and couldn't hold it back anymore. Madame said " You can't cum, if you do you have to cum on your clone and clean up the mess. That was my real punishment. I couldn't hold back as she worked magic on me. I coated my clone and surrounding area with over a weeks worth. Madame had not had her orgasm yet, so after that I gave Madame her own trip to heaven.

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