Friday, August 13, 2010

Home Collection

I woke up a little late Friday morning, I thought knowing I was going to get to cum this morning would get me out of bed early but it didn't happen. Madame was up a her usual time, an hour before. That is how long it takes her to shower and put on her make up. I got up and jumped in the shower reminding her that she had to collect my sperm before she left for work.
 I asked her last night " Do you have a plan for the collection? "
She said " she was thinking about it"

I was curious how she was going to do it. Maybe I would get to be inside her until I was ready to fill the cup, tied down and jacked silly, or just milked out with no pleasurable orgasm. Also what would she wear!
 I would of been happy with any or all at the same time.

After my shower I waited naked in the bedroom to find out my fate. Madame came into the room in a cute black with pink trim bar and panty set. She took me and lead me down to the dungeon in the basement.

I was still naked and sat on the medical table like I was ready for my exam. Madame told me to " lay down and put your feet here"
I was layed out on the table like I was in for the visit with the GYNO. Madame lubed up her finger and reached for my prostate. Moooo.

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