Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pantied and Stranded

Ya the weekend, to bad for me I have to work. Madame arranged to go shopping with one of her friends, knowing I had a lot of things to finish by Monday.  As we were getting ready in the morning Madame said " Where are your yellow panties that I got you?"
I said "they were in my underwear drawer". I wasn't sure were I should put them when I took them out of the laundry last week.
Madame said " get them! "
 I got them out of the drawer, took off the boxers I had on, and slide into the nice yellow cotton panties she got me.
I presented myself pantied to Madame.
She grab the bulge in the front of my underwear and said " Good"
We both finished getting ready and headed for the car. I did not grab Madames keys for her.
She said " That is 20 spankings"
 My ass is going to hurt later.

I only had my phone some money and my work stuff. Madame  dropped me off and spend the rest of the day shopping,


Anonymous said...

Mistress should buy you a yellow bra to go with your panties while she shopes


Anonymous said...

Madam should also have you wearing pantyhose as well as the spankings. You would like that wouldn't you,, a spanking and wearing womens pantyhose?