Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to My Place

We returned back from our vacation over the weekend. I got to enjoy the whole trip uncaged. Also I got to have some good old fashion fun with Madame. I was reluctant to start the week, but I started my day as I normally do. Went downstairs and prepared Madame's lunch and breakfast. Madame was in a good mood this morning, and we even ready early. I was curious to what was up, then I saw the baby oil in her purse as she came in the kitchen. She was going to lock me back up!

I have not masturbated uncaged since Madame released me a couple weeks ago. I felt I could hold out a bit longer, but Madame knows me better then that. She knows when I 'm stressed I masturbate, and I was stressed to start back to work. If she didn't lock me up I would be looking at porn now, and taking my faith of my future punishment in my own hand.
I put my CB-6000 on and assumed my role of being sexually frustrated and catering to my wife to relieve my stress when she is pleased. She kissed me good bye and had a huge smile on her face. Madame when back to work wearing her key proudly around her neck, knowing that I was not going to jerking off.

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