Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boys Room

We have a guest room in our house that had a very out dated paint job on the walls. Madame and I have always wanted to repaint it. This weekend we did. Madame picked the color "Pretty in Pink". This room looks great and very pink. Madame said" If someone came in this room, they would think it was girls room. Why does pink have to be a girls color, why can't it be a boys color. Boys look good in Pink too. So she said "That is a boy's room!"
I wonder if Madame meant this "Pretty in Pink" is now the "sissyboy's" room. We'll see, as for Chastity in Reverse, it is still stuck in Neutral.


Anonymous said...

You would look pretty in pink sissyj

EsEm said...

Thank you sissyJ ;)