Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Beating Part 2

It is Halloween weekend this week. Madame and I went out and pick out costumes last night at a local Halloween store. Before going to the store Madame said she wanted to be Superman, though she has never seen an of the movies or cartoon. I don't know where she got the idea from. (refer back to Chastity in Reverse)
Anyways we found the outfit at the store, but she didn't want to try it. I talked her into trying it on, she looked funny but very cute. She was not that happy, I guess the idea seemed better in her head.

I told her we'll get the outfit. She said if I'm going to be Superman you are going to be Wonder woman. I laughed, I didn't think Madame was being for real. She doesn't like the idea of seeing me dressed as a women, specially around people we know. She was serious, she picked out a outfit, two actually and had me try them on. It was embarrassing and a bit fun. One of the sales girl was like I have to see this you have to model it for us. The trouble she would get me in..
 Anyways. the first outfit was to small, I'm big and tall and this was for petite girls. The second one fit well, and Madame said that is what you are going to were. We are going out a bunch of people we know, oh well it's Halloween any thing goes right.
   We got home and Madame had me try it on with a bra and panty underneath, with a wig on. She didn't like the bra, she said " You look scary" I don't know if that meant, I look like a scary girl or if scares her to see me as a girl? That was Thursday night, now on to Friday

Friday was costume day at Madame's work, and I talked her into wearing the costume for her day at work. Madame texted me shortly after getting to work, saying " People are laughing at me!" She was not very happy, but I was enjoying it. Lets just call it karma.
I knew Madame did not have a good day so I perpared another list of claims for her to read to me in the dungeon when she returned home. It read as follows:

                                                               Charges Part 2
You failed to please Madame in many ways this week, this a list of the infractions that you will correct or face more severe future punishments. You shall get spanking for every infraction and more if I feel like it.

1.Making me try on the Superman outfit
2.Making me wear Superman to work
3.Not admitting that you will like being Wonder Woman
4.Letting my pussy get super hairy
5.Not sharing the bathroom with me
6.Making me sleep in the Pink boy's room ( you should be in there!)
7.Being lazy this morning, not making lunchs.
8.Going to Mall with out me.
9.Not being a good maid
10.For getting mad at me when I asked you not to ( knowing you would)
11.Making fun of me because I don't do making you feel better well.
12.Not having sex with me after I told you about my secret
13.Being to nice to me, though you are suppose to be mad at me.
14.Not telling me your 20 dollars
15.Made me miss Nikita
16. Pointing out my tricks of trying to turn thing on to you
17.Not letting me get away with lying
18.Not wearing the cage
19.Not asking to wear the cage
20.Not saying I love you to me

Some more then other she spanked me soooo hard for I almost screamed, so she wasn't so hard, but by the end my ass was ON FIRE!. I made up this list for Madame to help us end the week and start our weekend together. It is the only way I have found the gets rid of Madame's stress and is fun for both of us.
 After being spanked Madame thought about treating by playing with my butt. She spread my cheeks, lubed up a toy and started to play with my prostate. It felt good but was not getting the excitement she wanted to see out of me. She then grabbed the pair of nipple clamps and placed them on my nipples. That was starting to work. She took the toy out and had me bend over the bench. She clipped the nipple clamp on to a hook on the bench. Madame slide her strap-on harness that still had my cloned cock it from the last time we played. ( See older Post)
She lubed up my cock and slide it in a bit. I could see it all in the mirror, " Me getting fucked with my own cock!"

She could only get it in a little pasted the head, it made feel as though I had a small dick. I hope Madame does not feel this way when I get to enter her. She started to fuck me more and reached around to grab my shaft. Then this stream of cum just poured out of me, no orgasm. She stopped and asked" Did you come, because your not suppose to!". I told her " I did not orgasm" She saw the huge puddle on the floor, more cum then I have even seen me produce. Madame smacked me on the butt some more and then said" Clean it up!" I did.
 I wonder if Madame is going to be the only one getting to do the fucking from now on?


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