Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Theme Party

Every year we go to the biggest and best charity party in town. They have performers, singers, dancers, and of course Drag queens, it is not a party with out them. The ticket price isn't to bad, but we usaully spend a couple hundred dollars on costumes. We also make our own costumes, because the worst thing is going to a theme party and finding someone wearing the same thing as you. The theme this year was heaven and hell.
 The greatest pick yet, that meant skimpy good and evil costumes. We choose evil, come on could you see us wearing halos! Maybe with horns.
I was to be werewolf from of Hell, and Madame was to be the devil. I spent weeks on my costume, the best part about it was I ordered a cat suit in black to use as my base for the costume. It has a detachable hood, the hands have fingers, and the crotch has a female zipper ;) I love it. The rest was alot of other pieces mainly finally put together the week of the party, same with Madame. We are procrastinators.  Well got ready the day of the party at our house, and then left for the party after a couple drinks. Everyone looks great!
As soon as we walked in Madame and I stood out. I was huge and she was looking hott. I could barely see threw little slits in my dog mask, so Madame had a collar on my with a leach to pull me around. I was to be her pet for the night, I felt so owned it was nice! We would make it a couple feet and someone would want a photo with us, it was crazy.
We headed straight for the bar, got some drinks and ended up in more pictures. Madame started handing every girl or guy my leach that wanted to have a picture taken with me. Soon enough I was the party pet, ;(
I got passed around all night. It was a fun night though, towards the I got time to dance some, in between photo ops. Madame said she had fun, so I was happy. Next year, I'm going for as close to naked as I can get way with. ;)

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