Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dickless Maid

Madame and I woke up late Sunday morning. Madame made it out of bed before me because she had a big project to work on for work that had to be done by Monday. I got out of bed a little grumpy as I do most days. Madame was very displeased with my mood. She told me to leave her alone. I felt bad that I had displeased Madame I went to my room and changed into my uniform for the day. On Sunday's I am the house maid, I cook, clean, and carry out any other task Madame has for me.

Last week Madame gave me the name " Dickless Maid." I was happy with name, because I want Madame not to see me as her husband but her sissy maid. I decided to pull my wig cap over my face and write "Dickless Maid" on the front of it. This would help Madame to not recognize me as her man, but maid. I found Madame's Man boob bra that she does not wear, because it doesn't give her a good look, and put it on. Then put on my black catsuit suit that covers my whole body but my head. My body took on a different look, getting further away from being recognizable as my everyday self. My belly still showed a little though through the suit, nothing a corset wouldn't cure.
I put on my wig and the maids apron that Madame made me. The last piece of the outfit was my pink dish washing gloves we pick up stopping this week. I almost forgot about the dickless part, I went to the bathroom and got out the baby oil. I cleaned the cage and my cock was getting hard. I forced it into the cage and placed the lock and tag " Serves and obeys wife" in place. I cleaned my butt plug and placed it on my serving tray with lube, and my bell. Then I put on my house slippers and headed down stairs with my serving tray.

I presented Madame with the key to the lock to the cage, the butt plug with lube, and her servant's bell. She was a bit shocked to see my face covered with the wig cap and "Dickless  Maid" written on it. She laughed and ordered me to bend over. She lubed up the jeweled butt plug and slide it into place. It was cold but felt good inside. She took her bell, and continued with her work. She said that she was hungry and for me to cook for her. I made her a late breakfast meal, her favorite, but I cooked the biscuits a min to long. Madame told me to get her whip. I returned with the whip and she smack me on the butt many time for burning her biscuits. She noticed I had little boobs, and asked what I was wearing. I told her that it was her man boob bra. She said " You can keep it, I don't wear it anyways" but she whipped me for wearing it. My butt was burning but I said " Thank you" after she was done. She ate her food and I cleaned up. During the day Madame would ring her bell, and I would stop cleaning and come running. She would have a task for me and if I did not do it well she would whip me.

It was getting late in the afternoon and I knew Madame would be getting hungry. So I made some dinner for us to eat. Madame was hungry by the time I was done cooking and she allowed me to eat with her. After we finished dinner Madame ordered me to massage her feet, as she chatted with her parents. She told me that later I would give her a happy ending, maybe more then one. I gave her a foot massage for half an hour.

After Madame was done chatting we need to return some rented movies before we got charged an extra day. I was still in my uniform, Madame asked if I wanted to return the movies like I was. I declined her offer, though it was tempting to have her embarrass me like that. I told her " I don't have any shoes" She said " If that is all that is holding you back, we'll get you some, and then you have to do it!" Me and my big mouth. The good thing is Madame is forgetful.

Madame went and returned the movies and came back. When she returned, she lead me up stairs and told me it was time for her happy ending. I was happy to be of service. I kiss and licked her into a leg twitching orgasm, as she came on my face.

She told me not to clean it up and asked if the "Dickless Maid" would like to have an orgasm. I gladly accepted the offer thinking I would get to have sex with her. She told me to go her hitachi massage. I returned with it and she plugged it in, put it in my panites, and turned it on. She layed  back on the bed and told me to make her cum again.

It was had to concentrate in the beginning with the bussing in my panty. As it started to feel good, my tongue was going crazy. Madame said that she wanted us to cum together, simultaneous dickless orgasm. It felt great, I was getting close but far away. Madame was getting close to, I could tell from her body moving around as I serviced her. Then she had an orgasm, and I failed to follow along. After she recovered, she asked if the massager felt good. I said " Yes" The massager moved around alot as I serviced her and it wasn't hitting the right spots. She took it and placed it right on the top of my cage and pressed down. It feel amazing and she found the spot. Madame didn't think it was possible to orgasm inside the cage. Well I proved her wrong, after a few minutes on that spot, and her telling me how she enjoyed me being her "Dickless Maid". I came violently inside the cage. Madame was impressed and had me clean up the mess. Then we went to bed.


Weave said...

What a totally sexy story... I'm tenting my panties!! Love the pics, too.
Big day here, had Wife paddle and make me clean downstairs.. it's a slow process, nice to take a step forward! Thx for the encouragement!

EsEm said...

Weave, thank you for the comment. Glad to here things are progressing with your wife also. I have learned that things take time when it comes to a new life style, but the best way to move things along is good communication.

Curtsey Es

Suzanne said...

Behave yourself weave!

EsEm - a very nice story indeed :)