Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doctor's Visit

It was Tuesday afternoon and I needed to get off early for a doctor's visit. I was so terrified when I realized that an hour before my visit with my new doctor, that I still had my chastity cage on! Sometimes I forget it is there.
I texted Madame in a panic, I needed to get this off before my appointment. She texted back " To bad" I didn't remind her in the morning, that she need to remove it, so it was my fault. She said " If she ask you to pull down your pants to check your balls and make you cough, you do it!" " You like being embarrassed " she said.
 I was thinking about rescheduling, but knew that I would be in bad trouble at home. I sat in the waiting room imagining the things that could happen. Soon I was called back to the exam room. The doctor came in and she was a very nice lady. She asked some health history questions, listened to my heart, and lungs. Then we were done!
 When it was all over , and as I was leaving. I thought maybe I should of made up some reason to pull down my pants to get caught, but things are always a better idea in you fantasies then in REALITY.


jayaur2003 said...

I suspect, before your appointment, wife and doctor discussed your being caged. Discuss with wife if you are to go to all furure M.D. visits with cage in place. If so, does wife want you to deliver a key for the doctor to keep in her file if she wants to unlock you during an exam.

Anonymous said...

Puh, that's tough. I would have made a new appointment instead of showing the doctor that I am caged. Noone saw your device, but that's something you cannot know in advange. ;o)

But you seemed to be disappointed that noone noticed your cage? After all you were fantasizing of pulling your trousers down...

I wonder if jayaur is right: Did your wife discussed your situation with your doctor?

Anonymous said...

If the doctor had seen you wearing the cage, it would have been your own fault for not asking mistress earlier to remove it. And she should have said NO, wear it as you wank yourself too much and that is why you are wearing it, to prevent you from doing that.