Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Identity crisis

I have been having many identity problems lately. All my personalities have not been getting along. I'm not sure how many I have at the moment but there are more then the usual Gemini two. I feel this crisis, has been an on going issue for a while but has been more developed in the last couple months. 

The Cast:

DLM, is a recent addition. Madame came up with the name "Dickless Maid". DLM is Madame's personal slave maid on her lazy Sundays. The maid is responsible for doing laundry, cooking, washing dishes, dusting, cleaning the house, and vacuuming up pet hair. The most important duties are taking care of Madame's needs; a foot massage, back rub, breakfast in bed, hot bath, or personal sex toy. 

Abagail is my feminine side, and has been around since I can remember. She is very romantic, and loving. An old fashion lady into doing hair, make up, shopping, pleasing their mate, gossiping, cleaning house, cooking. She likes to wear dress no pants, like Modern women, satins, silks, pearls, lace, and leather. She is a bit of a queen too.

 Es is the sub boy.

Sissy likes to be dressed up in the cutest but silliest things.

Husband seems to get mad at doing the maids jobs. I just take out the trash, plumbing, electrical work, working on the the cars and house. Basically the dirty jobs. I also take care of all the personal finances for Madame and I. The wife makes sure I have clean clothes, nice food to eat, and a clean house.

Madame informed me when we started maid Sundays, that I was to do all the maid duties and what ever else she desires for the day, but the rest of the week was to be normal husband and wifey time. Madame has been to busy for me or any of my personalities lately. So, DLM has been keeping up with the laundry, and cleaning house. Abagail has been doing the Christmas shopping. Husband has been maintaining and repairing the house and cars, taking care of the finances, and even taking time to play repairman for Madame's elderly friend, also working full-time.

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