Friday, April 30, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

What a weekend! It started out friday night with Madame having me sleep in the cage downstairs in the dungeon. I was still wearing my chastity device too, so I was double caged and locked. Me sleeping locked up in the cage and locked in the cage, was my idea to start with. I wanted to see if it were possible, so if I was misbehaving in the future, Madame could have me sleep there for the night. It was very uncomfortable, it is only big enough for me to sit Indian style in. I ended up engineering a way to get to the key in the morning because I was about to wet myself and Madame had not been down yet to let me out.

That leads in to Saturday, I got into bed with her but was shortly a woken by growing pressure in the cage. I decided to jump in a cold shower and ease my pain. As the pain eased away, I turned the water back to hot and thought to run a bath. Madame loves to take baths so I invited her to join. During the bath I shaved her pussy nice a smooth and not cutting her too. i love it hairless, and Madame prefers it that way too. My job after I shave her is to lick her cleanly shaved queen until she orgasms at least once. So that is what I did after we got out of the shower, I was having trouble focusing and Madame was not making it to the finish line. I mentioned that she should put the jeweled butt plug in my butgina to make me focus, so she did.

It helped out, and she finished a few minutes later. I left her in bed to make her breakfast in bed, blueberry waffles, eggs and a banana. I was her house maid for the day, and remained bejewleed. I feed her, messaged her, plucked her hair, painted her toe nails, washed her clothes and cleaned the house. It was a fun day and over with oh to soon.

Sunday we went shopping, the usual clothes shopping. On the way home we stop by the fabric store. I picked up some fabric so I could make some more chastity koozies I will post some photos later. Madame and I talked about her making me an apron, to wear on the days I am her house maid. She picked out some black satin material and some white ruffled trim. I was very excited, I can't wait to see how it turns out and to wear it. Madame does not really like the idea of me dressing in a full maid attire, but agreed to the apron. I was very happy she was willing to make one for me.