Saturday, May 15, 2010

Training Your Husband

I was doing some research on reading material for Madame to read and came across " The New Bride's Guide to Training your Husband." I skimmed through the first couple parts of the book and it appeared to be worth recommending to read. It's main concept is that when a woman can realize their sexual power over their man and embrace it, they will have a lasting and enjoyable marriage. I'm sure some most husbands just look at the title of this book and want there wives to burn it. They would be missing out!
Bringing the bedroom in to the living room as the author puts it, benefits the man as much as the women. The husbands do housework and pamper their wives with back rubs, romantic dinners (they cooked), foot massages, etc.. but in return their wives seduce them with arousing comments, promises, or actions. Actions such as wearing a provocative cocktail dress out to dinner, lingerie around the house, and possible teasing or playing with his manhood daily.
Madame is not finished reading the book, I will post again what her thoughts of the book. If you have read this book please leave your own review of the book.