Friday, May 28, 2010


Madame and I were down in the dungeon. I was tied to the medical table getting my balls and rectum examined. Madame tortured me, until I orgasmed in her mouth. I was not suppose to! She said" You can't cum" Well I did and my punishment was Madame grabbed my face with her hand. She said " Open your mouth" I did.
She let all my sperm that filled her mouth drip out of hers into mine. When all of it was now in my mouth, she close my mouth so I could swallow it.  It was a little salty.
I carried out my punishment and show Madame that it was all gone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Put away Wet !

It was Sunday, and Madame and I had a busy weekend with no time to play. We both headed for bed. Madame instructed me to massage her feet naked as I kneel next to the bed. After massaging both feet I started to kiss my way up her legs to heaven. When I reached the gates Madame reminded me that I was not going to be rewarded with an orgasm but was going to have the pleasure of giving her at least one. She received one big one too, and it was a pleasure to see her squirm on the bed as I brought her closer bit by bit.

After I was done I normally wash my face clean, but this time Madame told me I couldn't wash my face. I could still smell and taste her lovely desert on my face. Then she noticed how hard I was and started sucking on cock. It hasn't been played with for over a week so it was loving the attention. She is learning when I'm getting close and would stop when she felt I was nearing the end. She was still very wet from just having an orgasm, and decided to ride on my tent pole for a bit. Again stopping short of me being able to orgasm. Madame was not going to let me come. We cuddled in bed and feel asleep, me still with desert on my face. It was something to look forward to when I woke up in the morning.
Was I happy about it? Yes      Did I enjoy it? Yes   Am I looking forward to the same treatment? Yes