Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New game Plan

There has been much time since my last post, which has been filled with excitement and some time in the dog house. I will post more later about some of the excitement, and the other stuff we'll just leave behind.

Recently Madame and I came up with a new plan to energize or live behind close doors. I'm not allowed to have an orgasm until Madame's horniness level elevates to were she wants it and also I am so horny I'm just stupid. Until we both reach that level, I will continue to suffer Madame's teasing, and taunting. I will also continue to get Madame as many orgasms as she wants, which is usually one right before bed. She will then drift off into a dream and I will wait for tension in my cage to subside, enjoying the perfume left on my face before I drift off too.

I think that this new arrangement will be fun and ""Hard"", but I think it will be worth the wait to make love to Madame when we both are at are peak. It will be like when we just meet years ago.

Good things come to these who wait! We'll see...