Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pantied and Stranded

Ya the weekend, to bad for me I have to work. Madame arranged to go shopping with one of her friends, knowing I had a lot of things to finish by Monday.  As we were getting ready in the morning Madame said " Where are your yellow panties that I got you?"
I said "they were in my underwear drawer". I wasn't sure were I should put them when I took them out of the laundry last week.
Madame said " get them! "
 I got them out of the drawer, took off the boxers I had on, and slide into the nice yellow cotton panties she got me.
I presented myself pantied to Madame.
She grab the bulge in the front of my underwear and said " Good"
We both finished getting ready and headed for the car. I did not grab Madames keys for her.
She said " That is 20 spankings"
 My ass is going to hurt later.

I only had my phone some money and my work stuff. Madame  dropped me off and spend the rest of the day shopping,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Home Collection

I woke up a little late Friday morning, I thought knowing I was going to get to cum this morning would get me out of bed early but it didn't happen. Madame was up a her usual time, an hour before. That is how long it takes her to shower and put on her make up. I got up and jumped in the shower reminding her that she had to collect my sperm before she left for work.
 I asked her last night " Do you have a plan for the collection? "
She said " she was thinking about it"

I was curious how she was going to do it. Maybe I would get to be inside her until I was ready to fill the cup, tied down and jacked silly, or just milked out with no pleasurable orgasm. Also what would she wear!
 I would of been happy with any or all at the same time.

After my shower I waited naked in the bedroom to find out my fate. Madame came into the room in a cute black with pink trim bar and panty set. She took me and lead me down to the dungeon in the basement.

I was still naked and sat on the medical table like I was ready for my exam. Madame told me to " lay down and put your feet here"
I was layed out on the table like I was in for the visit with the GYNO. Madame lubed up her finger and reached for my prostate. Moooo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Experiment #2

Madame and I sat down to dinner. She made some Japanese food gyosa for me and nato for her. Nato is fermented soybean she said" it smells nasty but terse good" I have tried it before and begged to differ. Madame tried to feed me her first bite but I shied away. I said" if you wear the experiment pants I'll eat it" The experiment pants are a pair of shiny black leggings that madame looks amazing in. She said " really" in disbelieve she knows I hate that stuff. She went up stairs and come down in the leggings. My boxers that I was wearing were soon a tent. I followed her happily into the kitchen sat down next to her and smiled. She took a big scoop of the fowl smelling beans and put it in my mouth. I didn't taste it my mind was focused on the pants. I chewed and chewed until Madame said " Swallow" That was the hardest part. She couldn't believe I ate it, she still wasn't convinced so she feed me more. The same thing happened. She was impressed and said" I'll have to take you to the hot wings place soon then and you can eat the atomic wings" I said "if you wear those pants I will" I can not do any spice!! Madame says I'm still sperm when it comes to eating spicy food. After dinner, I when back to work and Madame when up on the computer. After a while I came up to use the bathroom and turned to many things on, the power upstairs shot off. Madame was pissed, because I reminded her not to do that earlier and I did it. She ordered me to turn the power back, and get her more Mead wine. I had finished mine and left my glass in the bathroom. As I went to turn the power back on, I was thinking if Madame was going to discipline me for doing something I warned her not to do. Mead wine is made from honey and looks like pee. I figured Madame might test my capacity again in her experiment pants and she if I could enjoy a glass of some fresh Madame Mead.
As I return upstairs with Madame's glass of Mead, after turning the power back on. I pass threw the bathroom to give Madame her glass and saw mine was still empty. Yeea, I got off easy again. Madame ordered me to get back to work, I obliged still mesmerized by the sight of her in those pants. I continued with my work, but I could still see her in my thoughts .

Monday, August 9, 2010

To easy on me

I came home and grabbed Madame's hand and lead her down stairs. I pulled down my pants and handed her the whip. I said I was bad, didn't pay the morgage and stuff and she smacked my ass hard enought that I almost cryied.