Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Giving Blood

I got refused!! Just cause I have had sex with another guy. Wtf


I am starting to realize the power Madame had over me lately.

Have you ever had a connection to a person to were you felt that you revolved around them, but in a way you choose to take part in? I have been coming to the realization lately that Madame is my "owner." When I wait up in the morning I think of her and what she needs to get her day started. During the day I think of her in many ways. I remember things she has told me to do or things that I shouldn't do. I think of things she might need that I can get for her. When I am around her I desire to touch her and please her. I am the type of person that I don't get stressed out by things. The one thing that does stress me out is when Madame is not happy and I continually fail to bring back that " Giggle and Smile."

I choose this fait though. Outside the house I like to be the one calling the shots, but when I come home to Madame I bow down and kiss her feet. I encourage her to use me and abuse me at her will. I'm up for role-play of any type, from being the house maid, pet horse or dog, to the toilet, there is no limit to what I will try under Madame's guidance. This is a relationship will always keep me on my toes and Madame the center of my world.