Saturday, August 28, 2010

Packing for Vaction

Madame and I are finishing up packing for vacation. We are leaving tomorrow for the Caribbean for a week. This we'll be our long awaited honeymoon for me and Madame. This where she picked to go and has been displease with my enthusiasm toward the trip. I am looking forward it and getting away from the stress of our everyday lives. The trip is likely to very vanilla too, a break from our lifestyle.  Madame will not make me walk around the beach like this.
Actually I will be cage free to the whole trip as it stands now. Maybe lots of Newlywed sex !! or maybe just for Madame. There is a tropical storm slated to hit the island shortly after we arrive, so their might be somethings worth posting if we get bored trapped in our room for a few days.

Until then I have my bags packed ready to go. I didn't pack anything fun, like I said we are there to relax.  Madame is almost done, but seems to come up with new things to add to her list as she goes along.
We also got all of our snorkel gear pack. Madame has fins but I pitched my a long time ago, maybe these might work. :O
I will try to post some updates on our trip, and I will also finish a few post I'm behind on.  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Maid One Day

One day this will be me.

A chastised house maid

Cleaning the house spick and span
Doing all the laundry, making sure Madame's delicates get special attention.

Doing all the dishes after cooking a gourmet meal for Madame

 Only allowed to eat the leftovers, if Madame is pleased by my cooking.
 The bathroom will be clean enough to eat off of, not to give Madame any ideas :O

I will greet Madame when she gets home from a long hard day at work with a glass of her favorite cold beverage
 When Madame is out with the girls, I will patiently wait for Madame

Sweeping up the floors, making sure the house is always tidy for visitors

I will serve visitors to the enjoyment of Madame meeds, so she can show off how well trained I am
Every morning I will greet Madame with breakfast in bed how ever she would like
 Oh NO!! Madame is not going to be happy about that!
Making sure not to make Madame displease or to have to suffer her punishment!
This was for not making the bed

This was for letting the die, from not watering them regularly
 No talking back is allowed if so, Madame will paint my bottom so red I have to sleep on my stomach.

 I burnt Madame's favorite blouse

 One day Madame came home and found me not dresses appropriately. She choose to humiliate me in public in what I was suppose to be wearing, never happened again!