Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chasitity In Reverse

Madame and I enjoyed our honeymoon get away last week, but it was lacking in the passion and romance department. I posted early we got to have some good old fashion fun, which was true. I did get to enter the holy land, but after giving Madame a blow-job pre say. As she laid down on the bed naked after a shower. Madame demanded "lick me". She wasn't going for lasting enjoyable fellatio, she just wanted to orgasm, quick and dirty style.
This current state of sex play has got me worried. When I meet Madame, she seemed more like one of the boys. She would start out her weekend at Hooters, and end up at the strip club. Openly Madame will tell people " I have a penis in her inside". This is a little disheartening and embarrassing to have your hot and sexy wife profess to the world her penis inside. I'm sure many look at me and wonder, so what does that make you.
This combination may sound odd, it is but it works in it's weird ways. I also have a vagina inside, but I do not advertise this fact in public. Madame tends to be more of the lazy type, beer and remote in hand dude, and I more of the housewife with a passion of maintain the home.
So enough with the background rant on Madame and I. I just wanted to give you enough information to understand why I want to use chastity in reverse. Meaning I propose to  have Madame remove the cage only after she has romanced me to my satisfaction. This came about last night after Madame approached in the bathroom before bed. " You want to have sex?"
 Flattered of course, I confessed my feelings of the lack of romance and the feeling that she was looking for a blow job. She understood my desire to re-ignite the fire in love making, and agreed that I could remove the cage after I felt romanced. Though the cage will be staying on the rest of the days to curb my urge to masturbate. Madame went to changed for bed and returned in the sexy night gown I got her. I was very happy, this looks like it will be a idea. To be continued.... Male Chastity & Orgasm Denial

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to My Place

We returned back from our vacation over the weekend. I got to enjoy the whole trip uncaged. Also I got to have some good old fashion fun with Madame. I was reluctant to start the week, but I started my day as I normally do. Went downstairs and prepared Madame's lunch and breakfast. Madame was in a good mood this morning, and we even ready early. I was curious to what was up, then I saw the baby oil in her purse as she came in the kitchen. She was going to lock me back up!

I have not masturbated uncaged since Madame released me a couple weeks ago. I felt I could hold out a bit longer, but Madame knows me better then that. She knows when I 'm stressed I masturbate, and I was stressed to start back to work. If she didn't lock me up I would be looking at porn now, and taking my faith of my future punishment in my own hand.
I put my CB-6000 on and assumed my role of being sexually frustrated and catering to my wife to relieve my stress when she is pleased. She kissed me good bye and had a huge smile on her face. Madame when back to work wearing her key proudly around her neck, knowing that I was not going to jerking off.