Saturday, September 18, 2010

Date Night

Madame hinted that she had something planned for after work. Madame has been working on adding more romance to evenings. It turned out what she had in mind was date night. Not the date night you think most married people talk about taking, well kinda it was the movie " Date Night". I was pleased with her choice of movie, I love chick-flicks, Madame loves action. We're special refer to my previous post.
We popped in the movie and cover up on the couch together. The movie was sweet, funny, and had a great story. I gave it an "A", madame gave it a "D".
After the movie was were the climax really was. ;) 
Madame and I headed up stairs after the movie, to bed. She wore her normal blahh pj, I was wearing my lite blue BEBE boy shorts. Their so comfortable, I stolen them from Madame's closet one day cause she stole mine first and refused to give them back. 

We start to kiss, Madame mentioned that she was not wet yet. Instantly I was between her legs turning her in to a wet and sloppy mess. Just the way I like her to be. My face was covered in all of her lovely juices. I brought her closer and closer to orgasm making sure the orgasm would be like a rocket to the moon. She came hard and I licked up her drippings. After that she got on top of me riding me hard and fast. I told Madame I was close to cumming. I requested that she make clean up my mess after I fill up her tight tunnel with cum. I warned her that after I orgasm I will lose my desire to carry that out, and she will have to encourage me to complete the task. Madame said she would and I came right then and there. 

 She most of lost her nerve to because she didn't have me do it, and just left to clean herself up. After that we cuddled and kissed each other good night. 
 Sweet cream-pie dreams ;) 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

nipple clamps

I just finished a big project at work and I wanted to celebrate. Madame was not in the mood, she was in the mood for watching a movie. She asked me how I wanted to celebrate, I mentioned that we could go down to the dungeon and have some fun. Madame said "go a head, I'm watching a movie". There is nothing fun about the dungeon by myself, but I did go down and grab a pair of nipple clamps. I put them on my nipples and put my shirt back on and headed up stairs to start the movie with Madame.
 Madame and I watched the movie for about an hour and she did not notice me wearing the clamps. I went to the kitchen to removed the clamps. I thought I could make the whole movie. That was going to be my way of celebrating, but I couldn't do it. My nipples were numb with pain.
I return with a drink for Madame and sat back on the couch next to her. After 15 minutes the pain was gone, I went back and put the clamps back on determined to finish the movie. This time the pain was worse then before because I rotated the clamps 90 degrees. It was getting close to the end of the movie, but I couldn't take it anymore I needed a break. I removed the clamps under my shirt and placed them on the table in front of us on the couch. Madame said " What is that? Did you have those on the whole time?" I said "yes"
 She said "put them back on!"

I did my nipples were screaming at this point. I tried to cover them back up with my shirt, but Madame told me to take it off. She grabbed the chain and started to tug on it while we watched. I was watching my nipples pull away from my chest instead of watching the movie. Madame yanked the chain pulling the clamps off my nipples, as she said" Watch the movie"
 I feel to the floor in pain that I have never felt before. Madame told me to get back on the couch and finsih watching the movie with her. I was almost crying at this point, as she handed me the clamps and instructed me to put them back on. Again she start to tug on them, luckily the movie ended. Unluckily Madame ended the movie with once again ripping the clamps off. I couldn't talk I was is so much pain, but I managed to say " Thank you" to Madame.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boys Room

We have a guest room in our house that had a very out dated paint job on the walls. Madame and I have always wanted to repaint it. This weekend we did. Madame picked the color "Pretty in Pink". This room looks great and very pink. Madame said" If someone came in this room, they would think it was girls room. Why does pink have to be a girls color, why can't it be a boys color. Boys look good in Pink too. So she said "That is a boy's room!"
I wonder if Madame meant this "Pretty in Pink" is now the "sissyboy's" room. We'll see, as for Chastity in Reverse, it is still stuck in Neutral.