Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Junk

I have been worried that there is something going wrong with the family jewels. I had a sperm count a month ago and they said 92% of them had deformed heads. The doctor said you usually can't tell from just one test, the next one they might be 90 % normal. I love science!!
I'm proud of my very large balls, their about the size of two eggs. They are a little to big at times and do get in the way. Even though they are big, they don't seem to produce much fluid any more. I have been locked in chastity for about 3 years now. My number of orgasms have been growing smaller by the year. Also my orgasms have become weaker. I wonder if it's Madame plan for my junk to turn rotten, due to she never wants to have to have children. She once talked about cutting them off and flying them up, just cause she was curious what they might taste like.

I'm still very attached to my junk and want them to work, maybe even produce an aire. I have been begging Madame lately to start to milking me on a regular basis, to clean out the pipes.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lazy Day

Sundays are typically lazy day for Madame and I, she is the one that usually mandates it. We sleep in and never make it out of the house before noon.
Madame cute black and pink lace bra lay at the end of the bed. She wore it to bed in hopes of having sex before falling asleep, but as soon as we started to watch some porn to get in the mood, she fell a sleep. I put her bra back in her closet and then I went to my dresser. I was running low on boxers, so I just wore my panties. I only have one pair they are my favorite color yellow. I when down stairs and made breakfast for us. Biscuits and gravy Madame's favorite. I called to Madame that it was ready and she ventured out of bed down to the kitchen. After finishing eating Madame wanted to take a shower. I followed her up to the bathroom and got in the shower. I was still horny from last night , and wanted the pleasure of washing her body. She denied me. Madame could tell that I was looking forward to last night.
She got out first and heard her go to her closet, then the bedroom door close. I knew she was up to something, and I could wait to she what she would be wearing. After a few minutes I got out, dried off and opened the bedroom door. Madame was laying on the bed wearing pink and black teddy, matching panties, fishnet stockings, and black peep toe pumps. She looked gorgeous, and sexy.
 I knelt down next to the bed and started to kiss her from her heels to her head. My cock was straining looking at the view. I was kissing her and rubbing the the tip of my tool against her panties. Madame said" Your making a mess, clean it up" There was a pool of pre-cum on her panites, I crawled down between her legs and licked it clean. After cleaning them, I took them off, and proceeded to make my face messy in Madame's sweet pussy. As she was getting close, she wanted me to fuck her to finish her off. I slide it inside and got a couple good trust in before Madame melted in to orgasm.
I pulled out and continued to kiss her from her head to her heels and back. She was on a cloud, but coming down. She spread her legs and welcomed me back inside her. Madame keep saying "don't cum, don't cum", which made me want to cum even worse. I couldn't hold it after the fifth "don't cum", I came. It was small like a BB gun, not big like a canon like they use to be. I think wearing the cage and only having an orgasm couple times a month maybe is making me under perform.
I stopped and pulled out in shame that I couldn't hold it in. Madame said " did you cum?" I said he with my head down. She said " oh, I think your coming out" I moved down between her legs and started to lick up my desert coming out.
After cleaning Madame up, I undressed her and we went back to our Sunday. Madame went to the bathroom to put on her makeup and I went back to the kitchen to clean up. Madame was done with her makeup and went to lay on the bed in her blue satin night gown. She complained her back hurt. Again I start to kiss her, and rub her back. I end up massaging her clit, making her forget about her back. Soon I was feeling that she was getting close again, and though she would want me to fuck her to finish again. I entered her soft and slow. Then adding some speed to my hump, I felt myself getting close. Again Madame said " Don't cum" That is all it took, I came inside again. Also it was small. Madame was disappointed, and demanded I finish her too. I starting kissing and licking her, but I wasn't the same man as before cumming. Madame noticed too and said " Your being lazy!" She was done with me and clean herself up.
After letting me cum twice in one day Madame said "I deserve to be lazy, after letting to cum twice" What every Madame wanted or didn't want to do for the rest of the day in panties of course. I appeased her needs with no objections!