Friday, October 8, 2010

Bath Time

Last night at the end of two long days for Madame and I, she drew a bath and I joined her. We have been to busy lately for fun, pleasure or shaving each other. We were both getting pretty hairy. Madame and I usually shave each other once week in the bath. It is a much looked forward to event on my end.
Madame got comfortable and I shaved her smooth and clean, one of my best jobs. Just staring at that beautiful sites as the shaving foam disappeared around it made my hunger grow in my cage for it. I wanted to lick it and taste it soo bad. After I was finished and washed it clean, I warmed up madame juice box with my tongue, tickling her a bit. Madame made me stop and told me it was my turn.
 I end up in a different position then Madame when I get shaved. I'm on my back with my legs high in the air, if I was flexible I'm sure she would have me look more like a pretzel when she shaves me. She went quick to work shaving my penis and balls. After that she flipped me up a bit more and shaved my buttgina she calls it. After she finished getting all the hair off, she poked me with the end of razor. I reacted with deep moans of pleasure with her little pokes. Madame could tell my balls were swollen and were in need of some relief. She shoved her finger inside and start to massage my prostate, and stroke me. I was in heaven at this point, but Madame would stop when she thought I was getting close. She is getting better at this. One finger was not getting the rise out of my she wanted, so she went for two. That did it, with in a minute I was on the verge of orgasm, she stopped and milked my lost orgasm out on to the shower floor. I was not horny any more but I did not feel the pleasure I get from an orgasm.