Friday, October 15, 2010


Madame talked about she needed a bell to ring since I'm the maid now.
Also she won't let me put the cage on after she leaves int he morning now. ;(

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Messing With me

Thursday night 10/14/10

Madame has messed with me from the beginning of us being together. She favorite question use to be why do people cheat, and would I ever cheat on her, or what would I do if she did. THe questions she would ask seemed a bit scarey over time, because some things started coming true. When we fist meet, I was a crossdresser, and bisexual, but both of those outlets disappeared when we became more serious.

Well last night, we were in bed talking and Madame said would it be ok if she did sucked on someone else. I asked her what she meant and she said what if she wanted some chocolate? I said is that what you want?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Maid my Day

Sunday was a day for much need day to rest, well for Madame. Madame and I got up early and she went to the bathroom to get ready. I headed to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. I started with cinnom sugar muffins, and then I was going to make eggs and bacon. Madame came down to the smell of the muffins, and said " I'm not really hungry" That ended my cooking buzz I was on. I had been dieing to show Madame my gift I got her. It was a pet tag for my cage. I had been wearing it all weekend and it made sounds some time when I walkd. It sounds like a pet tag on collar cling- cling. I was hoping Madame would notice but she didn't. I asked Madame if she would get the key to the cage that she was not wearing on her necklace, and come back to the kitchen. I opened the labtop and logged in to our blog. Madame promised to add a post sometime, I thought this would be a good story for her to post.
Madame returned with the key, and I asked her to sit at the table. I said " I have gift for you" I started to jump up and down, making the tag cling against my lock. She noticed!
She said " what is that?" I pulled down my underwear to reviel my pet tag " OBEYS AND SERVES WIFE." Madame was surprised but seemed to like her gift. I then asked her to please make a post of the gift. She posted to the blog, please leave comments for Madame!

I also informed madame I got the extra lacing that she needed to finish my apron. She took the hint and went outside to enjoy the night day and finish my apron. I started to do laundry and wash dishes, as Madame worked. As I came back upstairs from laundry, she had finished it. The apron is very nice, black with white and pink hearts lacing around it. She said" Put it on" I stripped down right there in the kitchen, put it on, and tied it the back. Madame seemed happy with the fit, and as did I. It was barely long enough to cover the cage. Madame told me to go put something on under it. I raided her panty drawer, and came back with two choices. Two fuffled panites one all black and the other with pink tirm. She picked the pink. She got of the computer and I feed her. She was loving it, being served as she did as she please.
After she was finished eating, she had me finish the rest. It was full of hot sause which madame loves but I can not handle. She watched amased as I finished the rest.

Then she wanted to take a bath,  I started adding water to the tub, lite candles and put on some classical music. She did not care for the music. She liked the bath, but afterwards was tried and layed down. She compained that she had be very wet lately. So I went down on her, made her orgasm . I was very wet in my panties too, since I put them on, but I did not ask for anything in return. Madame settled in to covers happy and ready to nap. I brought her up some water on a serving tray. She asked why I was letting her get away with being lazy, I said cause your letting me be who I am, so I'm letting you be who you are. She napped while I continued clean the house. Then I woke her up and she gave me a bag and half enema. After that I gave her one, and we showered and went to bed. Where she started to play with me. She is leaving Monday till Thursday for a business trip. Madame said "maybe I should let you cum tonight or make you wait till I return." I was just happy with Madame playing with me, but I wanted to cum. As she teased my cock, she said " should I lock you back in the cage?" I said "yes" but she continued to tease me. She mounted me and started to ride me. Madame said " if you cum inside me your going to have to clean me up!" That is when I lost it and filled her pussy full. It was to full actually as soon as I pulled out it got all over the bed. I had to change the sheets and clean up Madame. My orgasm produced a lot of sperm but I did not have much of a climax. Still worried about my junk.

Thank you Madame for a wonderful day, for letting me be myself, finishing my apron, and allowing me to orgasm. I love you xoxo

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Es got a tag that says "OBEYS AND SERVES WIFE" for his chastity belt. Love it. Now, get back to work and serve me ;-)

Madam Em