Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doctor's Visit

It was Tuesday afternoon and I needed to get off early for a doctor's visit. I was so terrified when I realized that an hour before my visit with my new doctor, that I still had my chastity cage on! Sometimes I forget it is there.
I texted Madame in a panic, I needed to get this off before my appointment. She texted back " To bad" I didn't remind her in the morning, that she need to remove it, so it was my fault. She said " If she ask you to pull down your pants to check your balls and make you cough, you do it!" " You like being embarrassed " she said.
 I was thinking about rescheduling, but knew that I would be in bad trouble at home. I sat in the waiting room imagining the things that could happen. Soon I was called back to the exam room. The doctor came in and she was a very nice lady. She asked some health history questions, listened to my heart, and lungs. Then we were done!
 When it was all over , and as I was leaving. I thought maybe I should of made up some reason to pull down my pants to get caught, but things are always a better idea in you fantasies then in REALITY.

Betty Sunday

Sunday we were still in a turkey coma from eating for three days straight, and we ended up sleeping until about noon. We resorted back to the normal vanilla routine, of Madame cleaning the house and doing the laundry. I worked in the yard and on the cars for most of the afternoon. Nearing dinner time, I came in to shower and clean up, Madame joined me.
After getting out of the shower Madame informed me that I was delinquent in my duties, and I was to please her. She layed on the bed and I massaged her feet. Madame told me to put on my apron, and to pick out something for her to wear. I went to her closet and opened up her dresser drawer that has some of her lingerie in it. Going through it I noticed there were alot of things I forgot she had. I picked out a leopard print merry widow, black satin gloves, black fishnet stockings, black satin high heels, and a black boa to top it off. When returned Madame giggled at my choices, then told me to dress her. After finishing dressing her, I stepped back and she looked amazing. Madame looking like a pin up girl, like Betty page.
She saw the twinkle in my eye, and to me to please her. I did proudly. I warmed her up slowly with kisses, and then increased my coveting of her clit with my tongue, till she pulsed in orgasmic delight. We cuddled on the bed after, and Madame asked me if I had been masturbating lately, since I had not been wearing the cage. I confessed that I couldn't remember the last time that I masturbated, before I meet Madame I did it every day. Since Madame has caged me and forced me to submit to her control over my orgasms, I can't remember the last time that I did it. I know when I do how much it displeases Madame. Madame was happy, and told me I could enter inside her. After poking inside she said" So I control your orgasm and you now right?" I said "Yes" She then put her hands around my butt and started to pull me closer and away from her. Then she said" I want you to get small" I thought to myself you "What??" This feels so good, and I haven't cum in soo long, and I'm suppose to get smaller. This was a totally mind fuck. I continued to fuck Madame as she continued to tell me to get smaller. I had to stop many times because I felt like I was going to cum. She would tell me " don't stop keep going but get smaller" I continued until Madame could tell I couldn't hold my orgasm off any longer and I was defiantly wasn't getting any smaller, she told me to pull out, and please her. Round two actually went by very fast, Madame was very turned on. She orgasmed in a matter of minutes. We cleaned up and then it was her turn to eat dinner.