Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sunday morning, we had plans to go to a tattoo fest that was in town for the weekend. I heard Madame's alarm go off, and her silence it fast. It woke me up, and I can't fall back a sleep when her alarm goes off. I don't know why? I think, that I feel it is my duty to stay awake to insure Madame gets up. If she wakes up late, she is not happy, and that makes me unhappy and feel responsible.
After waiting a bit of time, I tried to wake Madame. She tossed me aside with a grumble, and said " I'm still sleepy" I knew I wasn't going to win, and that there would be no tattoo fest today. I laid in bed with Madame day dreaming about all the fun things we could do during our holiday vacation, well things she could do to me ;) She finally arose sometime after 12, with a hunger in her belly. We agreed that we were not going to go the tattoo event, and I offered to make Madame breakfast in bed. That seemed to brighten her up, skipping the event for a lazy day in bed with me serving her needs. I went and got dressed in my uniform of the day; wig, black maids outfit, apron (made by Madame), black fishnet garter belt, black fishnet stockings, and house slippers. Then I put on my cage and lubed my butt bejeweled plug, and presented them to Madame. She locked my cage, with my "Serves and Obeys Wife" tag, and plunged the butt plug deep in my ass.
For the rest of the afternoon, I cooked and cleaned the house. When I served breakfast to Madame I bumped into her with the tray and spilled her milk. I was very sorry, and cleaned it up right away.

After a hard days work of please my goddess. I offered to run her a bath. She got in and instructed me to join her. I have neglected my duty of keeping her clean shaved, which I'm always glad to stare at the one thing I desire most and even make it look more ripe for the picking. It was one of my best jobs to date, and finished it off with some worship kisses and licks. Madame was please enough to return the favor of flipping me on my back, spreading my legs wide and turning me back into looking like silly boy. After she was done, she started poking my hole with the end of the razor, I moaned. She said" Say you don't like it" I replied as she continued to poke " I don't like it." Then she started to slap and flick my balls and penis. She said" Say you like it." I replied again as she flicked me " I like it" This continued until I was retrained to not like being poked and to like being flicked. Madame is so smart, I love that she messes with my head, showing her control over me.

After the bath, it was back to the bedroom. Madame was feeling in the mood and instructed me to dress her. With out hesitation I went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a leather waist corset, black garter belt, and fishnets. From her shoe closet I picked out a pair of black pumps with metal heels. Oh I would love for her to slide that heel in my cock or trample me with it.

After dressing her, which she looked amazing by the way, she said" get my cock and put it on me!" Wow, what was I in for? I got the strap-on harness with my cloned cock in it and put it on her. She still looked amazing and dangerous.

I laid on the floor  butt up and Madame started poking me with her heels. "Say you like it" she said. " I like it" She squished my balls and penis under her shoe, "Say you like it!" " I like it" Then she walked up and down my back in her heels, it felt great to be under her foot. Again "Say you like it" , " I like it"  I was being used as her personal carpet but I did feel like I, liked it. Madame's training as I worship her seems to be working.

 Madame grabbed the bottle of lube, and started to coat her cock with it. She told me to get on all fours on the floor and hunch down. I was in position waiting for what was next for Madame's pleasure. She knelt behind me and placed her cock at my entrance. "Say you don't like it" , " I don't like it" As she slid inside me, I let out a low moan. She slapped my behind, and started trusting in me. "Say you don't like it!" , "I don't like it" I said with as much as a clear voice as I could muster.

She reached around and felt my penis getting hard. "Say you don't like it" " I don't like it" though it felt very good. To good to be exact, I drolled and squeezed out a hand full of cum in Madame's hand that was touching my cock. She stopped and showed me her hand covered in my mess. " What is this?" ,"What is this?' she said. I was doomed for sure, staring at it in her hand. "Time to clean up" and I did. Madame said "We'll talk later about what you did later" What else did she have in mind, something else not to like I was guessing.
Madame layed back on the bed with her heels touching the floor next to me. She lifted the tip of her cock up and said " Please me!" Without a thought, on her command, I rose up and started to suck on her cock. I was mindlessly under her control to the point I didn't even occur to until later where she had just had her cock in my dirty hole.

Lucky for me though, I had used the bathroom and washed it out prior to getting in the bath with Madame. I'm sure she knew this though, and was testing me to see if I would think about it after she commanded it. My actions made Madame pleased, and she instructed me to stop pleasing her, go wash my face and mouth throughly. When I returned, Madame had me remove the strap-on harness and continue pleasing her pussy, which was dripping wet at this point. I aim to please Madame and had her cumming on my face in no time at all.   
Thank you, Madame for expressing your love and control over me, your willing a loyal worshiper.