Sunday, December 26, 2010

U-turn Wrong way

We currently have a CB6000, that Madame has me locked up in to keep me from masturbating. She wears the key to cage, showing me she controls my orgasms. Lately Madame has been traveling a lot lately and hasn't had me locked up. Per her wishes though I have not masturbated since I am not in the cage. To me though, I feel like now I am in control of myself not having an orgasm, and I don't like it. I know that Madame has control over me and that means I will not orgasm, but my will is not that strong when it comes to pleasure. If allowed to stray away from Madame's control, over time I am sure I will find a way to pleasure myself but not have a full orgasm uncaged. I do understand that Madame does not have time to play her part, but the longer I feel I'm off her leach the sooner I will fall back into my out bad habits.