Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hip Hop

Easter is almost here, Es talked about making a bunny costume for pet. I dumbly mentioned that she should make one for herself. I would die to see Madam made in that outfit. I could picture lacing up her corset until her lovely big breast breast are about ready to pop out. She has great hips, and tiny waist  too. She would be amazing.   

I would help her any any way she wishes me too. Maybe if I do a good job she would make one for me too. We did some research, and the outfit is a bit complex. It won't be easy but I'm sure Madame will enjoy watching me drool as we work on it and as it comes together. 

Madame is not one for parties anymore, but going to a bunny party could be awesome. Madame might book the hotel take all my male cloths, just leave me a bunny costume, and tell me to have fun.

Anything is possible