Saturday, March 23, 2013

Change in the times

This is now, some might not understand but this is the current state of things. Wifes have taken on the career path, that the men use to follow. Husbands are filling in the gap that the wives are leaving behind.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't eat chocolate bunnies!!

There is only one chocolate me and Madame dream about and miss having, 
a Big BLACK Cock aka BBC

I hear stories about madame's lovers, black bald muscle men. She said they would tell her what to do and when. Her favorite position was doggie style. I try to fulfill that need for her, but my clittie is not big enough to have much effect from that position. It is a total mind fuck, because I know she wants a good fucking from behind. She just laughs on the inside as I try to keep it in, and sometimes can't even get it in the hole. ;( 

Madame talked to me about having a man come over and sharing him with me. I know I will be Madames fluffer, keeping the BBC hard and ready to fuck Madame in all position, but mainly from behind. She will have me eat all of his come out of her pussy, and let him fill it up again and again.

When she gets tired or bored with her bull, she will turn him loose on me.. oh no ;)

But most of this time, she will forget I am there.

Happily ever after

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Heels

I bought a pair of heels today.

It is so hard to find cute shoes in size 14

This goes out to all the "girls" out there that can rock a pair of plus size heels

You go girls !!