Sunday, December 22, 2013

The new deal

Madame loves to read the news everyday, and tell me the highlights. I do like what she reads, it is usually shootings and celebrity gossip. I prefer nerd news. Today though she came to me and told me about a story she read. It was written by a women who had been married three times, and her thrift marriage has lasted over 20 years. The secret she said to a successful marriage is not to get mad. That you can express to your partner that you are unhappy about what they did our said but you realize that you do the same. Also that if you are not happy to think about of all the time, effort, and money he has put into making you happy. If you think someone else would or has put in more maybe you shouldn't be with your partner. There are times that Madame doesn't want to live out  my sexual desires and fantasies. She realized that 5 years ago, that there isn't another man out there that would put in as much time, effort, and money into her happiness, so she made me a deal.