Friday, January 3, 2014

Clean Up

My queen and I got out of the shower and headed to bed. I knew she was going to have a stressful day tomorrow so I wanted to make her sleep easy by pleasuring her. I moved over to her side of the bed and gave her a little kiss and tucked my her under the covers. I pulled down her panties and felt her hand grab my head by the hair. She lead it straight for her pussy. She was starting to get wet just after a few licks of the tongue. I had her twisting and bucking in pleasure what seemed like for ever, her pussy was dripping wet and hungry. I pulled away and put my already hard cock inside her. She moaned as I started to fuck her. She told me to cum on her pussy but to clean up all my cum and finish what I started. I couldn't hold it after she said those words. I had been fantasizing about eating her to orgasm while cleaning up mine. I covered her pussy in my cum. I then went back to what i started. Madame looked down at me and said"That's ruff"!  

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