Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Lately I have been in boob denial. This happens to be every now and then but it passes. This time it is this thing that has take control of me. I want a boobs in face, hand, mouth, everywhere. Normally I can control myself at our local pool in the summer time and not stare at all the boobs in view, but now I stare like a man that has been in prison for the last five years. At first I was thinking it was just because Madame and I have not been playing together in the bedroom in a while. All work and no play.

Though I enjoy the tease, I enjoy more getting to touch and feeling her whole body. It came to me one day though that I might craving might be for boobs but and certain kind of boobs. Then it hit me I wanted     Real Boobs. I love want the great doctor did with me queens new boobs but they are not real. They are silicone, beautiful to look at, lack giggle, and squeezeablity though.

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