Monday, August 11, 2014

Swinger Party Hosting

Mistress and I had planned out a Vegas vacation and had been looking forward to it for months. When we got a Vegas we spent the first day site seeing and the next day we decided to host a singers party.

Sunday pleasure

My On'na shujin " mistress" wanted to take me out to spend some time with me. She has been on the road traveling and has not had time to connect with me. I have been managing myself and our home with her around a lot lately. First being from UK I have grown up having high tea every Sunday, but since we moved here we haven't done it in years. She was ready and waiting on me to serve her, I was running late from running errands. I was please to see her, and kneed down and gave her a kiss of appreciation that she was allowing me my Sunday pleasure. 
I the morning I also had to shave clean, I am not allowed when mistress is not there to supervise. I was in such dire need repair, I could not remember the last time. It took longer then usaul, but it felt so refreshing, light and clean. * happy and bare*

Getting dressed was heaven after shaving.