Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quality Time

Madam has a busy job, and it seems to get busier each year. She entertains my costumers now, and travels to more cities. When she is home the best time for me to show my appreciation for her and to serve her is in the morning as she puts on her makeup for the day. She has a routine of how she puts on her lovely face. It doesn't matter if she is going to the grocery store or on a date. It still takes the same amount of time. Lucky for me it takes about an hour. My time to shine, though some times I don't get to see daylight.

Monday, June 22, 2015

100000 Page View Reward

I just went over the 100000 view mark, and I haven't posted much lately. I plan on posting more maybe make it to seven digit page views. As a bonus to all that have graced this blog. I did the unthinkable and took some new photos with out permission! I will pay for in dearly in hours of house work on my hands and knees. ** giggles ** Thank you all for checking in.