Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Woman's Day

I loved this scene in the movie. I can't wait everyday for this day.  It should be Woman's day every day!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Today, I found a whole new group of friends when I learned a new term "SPH" small penis humiliation. I had been one of them and never knew it until BOS tested my will last night. We had just taken a hot steamy shower and shaved each other. I went down on her and got her all hot and wet. Then she switched and start to suck my penis. As she was sucking my I was fucking her with my thumb, getting her warmed up. I layed her out on the bed and tryed to put it in but it was getting soft. I got it in a started to fuck her. She said it is not hard I can feel it. You thumb felt better fucking me. She humiliated me by saying my dick was not as good as my finger. I lost it I get hard enough to get a few good stokes and I felt the cum wanting to rush out. I pulled out and trying to stop it but I shot my load on her in 2 mins flat if that. She was like wtf. I thought you didn't like humiliated small penis talk. It was such a turn on. who would know ;)

Now what is next